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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Word To Our Readers

KK and I have been BEGGING for our readers to comment on our posts and the show all season.  We are thrilled that the comments have picked up and are thrilled to have new readers.  However, because we didn't expect anyone but family and friends and friends of family and friends to read this blog or comment, we did not make clear that there are some ground rules for posting comments that we must, in all decorum and common decency, enforce.  Comments will now be moderated before appearing on the site and these are the ground rules. 

1.  We will not post comments which demean a contestant's race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion.  

2.  While mild profanity is acceptable, overuse of profanity will likely result in your comment not appearing on the site.  What is overuse of profanity?  Like pornography, I know it when I see it.  Use it at your own risk.

We have no problem with snarky remarks related to a contestants talent, fashion choices, or song choice. After all, we make those comments ourselves.  We also have no problem with your strong disagreement with our opinions or comments. We have, after all, put ourselves out there and we are both big enough to take the abuse. (We hope you are big enough to handle our replies).

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the moderator (that would be Auntee) to *edit* offensive portions of comments.  So, if you comment does not follow our guidelines, it will be deleted, even if other portions are not offensive and/or contain relevent opinions.

Also, you are free to post as Anonymous, but we cannot distinguish one Anonymous poster from another.  So, if you make a compelling comment we would like to call to other reader's attention, it won't happen if you are Anonymous.  I have tested the comment section and it appears you can use a made up name and do not need to post an email address for your comment to publish.   



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  2. The wonderful performance last Thursday gave me a heartfelt reaction I haven't felt in years since old Mr. Ossenberger came to talk to us at a special assembly in school.