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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can We Vote Nicki Minaj off of Idol?

I may eat my words, but I do not think that any extra they put on this season will bring me to the level of annoyance, disgust, and *will she just go away I cannot stand to hear or look at her anymore* that I am feeling after only 2 nights of watching Nicki (Its All About Me)naj on the judging panel.  Judging from posts by die-hard idol fans, like me, on the *official* American Idol forum boards, I am not alone...in fact...I think the feeling is virtually unanimous...that Nicki is a pain in the ass of the first order and we want her to go.

As I said in my earlier post, Nicki's antics and the bickering with Mariah have relegated the contestants to mere extras in this broadcast.  Having male extras take off clothes, preen, and ask if they are dating and fake flirting with them was not only unprofessional but unseemly and unfair to them.  That poor young woman whose last name was Bush...I'm not even going to go there.... except to say that she (the extra) looked genuinely shocked and distressed and humiliated when she left and that was not a pleasant thing to see.

As for the extras tonight, there were several who I would like to see again.  First is Kezban...I didn't know if she was a man or a woman when she first went on the screen but I loved her attitude *if this is going to be a blooper, don't make my mom cry*.  Given the build up I expected a blooper and then she sang and I was mesmerized but then I'm a sucker for women singer songwriters because those are the voices of my generation.  I'm pretty sure her independent ways will not sit well with the producers so I expect we won't see much of her again but I thought she was fabulous!   Second is Brandy Neely who sang *Your Cheatin' Heart*.     Now that is a country voice unlike that Lauren girl who came in second 2 years ago, auditioned with a pop song but decided she was a country singer when she saw Scotty getting all the votes .  Then of course, there is Lazaro.  As they were doing the build up I thought *I'm not gonna get tears in my eyes, Ryan...you cannot make me...you cannot make me.*  And then Lazaro sings Bridge Over Troubled Water and my eyes start needing a bridge because I'm crying.   I'm pretty sure he will be JayCeed on group night in Hollywood. (If you recall, Jay Cee was the 14 or 15 year old kid who was on a couple of years ago who no one wanted in their group).

I guess next week we get to see the royal hissy fit thrown by Miss ME(naj).  I'm not sure I can bear to watch it. 



  1. cancel the show X-FACTOR is Better !!!!

  2. Who gives a stuff about the judges. I'm in it for the contestants. Ido agree about Kezban! she sings from a dark place,= soul...Luv Her

    1. I agree it should be all about the contestants, which is why I get frustrated when the judges make it all about them...as Nicki appeared to do in the first shows. I do admit she is getting better about that.

  3. Get Nikki Minaj off American Idol. Shes ruining the show. I Will not watch it for one minute with her on it.

  4. What a horrible person!!! I refuse to continue watching!