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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Second That Emotion

Lots of emoting going on tonight as 10 of the top 20 girls take the stage for their *Sudden Death* performance.  There are some new faces and lo and behold, two of them even make it to the top 20 after they perform tonight.  Its not clear to me if the show is *live* or if only the audience is *live* but Ryan is really excited about this never before seen format.  So excited, he explains it in fits and starts and I THINK I know what its all about but I'm not entirely sure...plus...the Nigel's can always change it tomorrow if they want.

And, if you don't know this by now...you should.  The judges and producers either watch the dress rehearsals live or on tape before the real show so they already know what they think and what they are going to say about everyone.  And the Nigel's (Fuller and Lythgoe) have told the judges what to think and what to say.

Our first singer is Jenny Beth Willis and you just have to love a girl with a name like that and she just has to be a country singer.  I vaguely remember her audition but she was not featured in Hollywood Week so...odds are against her lasting the night before she even sings.  She sings a song about heaven, heartache and the power of love.  I love her dress but I am a sucker for tulle because I always wanted a tulle dress or tulle petticoat or tulle something and never ever got one (something KK knows because I tried to get her to wear a tulle wedding dress and she wisely declined so  note to KK...put me in tulle when you bury me!)  I don't really love Jenny Beth's performance except for the last glory note as it seemed a bit rushed to me and of course, I don't know the song and that never helps me enjoy a performance.  The judges agree with me except no one says they like her tulle dress and this disappoints me.

(Tina?) (Teena?) ...no its TENNA Torres has been sort of bandied about under the radar as a big contender but never really prominently featured.  She went to Camp Mariah as a child and is now 28 years old which has to make Mariah feel like Methusala.  This is also the last year she can compete (she lost out in Las Vegas last year) Teena doesn't even sing a note before she starts emoting and waving her arms in anguish at not being able to find a soulmate...and she never stops emoting.  I don't hate her voice but I don't like the over-emoting. Ok, I hate her voice.  The judges love the emoting.  Randy wants to date her.   Nicki doesn't like her hair (yes...Nicki is giving hair advice!!).  But Nicki is right.  Teena's hair looks like a bad wig (and I'm sure it is a bad wig) and completely covers her features and it does age her....and she doesn't need anything aging her because she looks old for 28. Next time we see her she will have figured out where Nicki gets her wigs. 

Adrianna from Alaska sings an R&;B song and for 17 years old does a great job if you like R&B and belters and Diva wanna bees (I don't much).  I'm seeing Jessica Sanchez redux (along with the entire nation of the Phllipines sending votes in via internet) except Adrianna is nice. Adrianna emoted enough to impress the judges. 

Brandy, the Psych nurse, is the second country singer tonight and Keith is dying because she doesn't really suck but she doesn't really shine either.  She was *emotionally inconsistent* and according to Nicki gave a pageant performance and I don't disagree about Nicki's comments.  Keith is getting worried about his country girls before the voters at this point and I think Brandy is going back to the psych ward.

Shuba Vedula of the strange name is another 17 year old.  She is familiar to us so I'm sort of thinking she is going to be one of the 5 chosen to stay tonight as she sits at the piano and starts *Born This Way*.  After dolefully singing a few bars and hitting a key or two on the keyboard, she leaps from the piano bench and starts dancing spasmodically around the stage in desperation to be a rocker girl.  The crowd liked her but the judges didn't.  Nicki and Keith thought it was confused but Mariah said it best...it was just forced and she looked like an 8 year old on that infamous Toddler's and Tiara show doing a Gaga imitation after drinking go go juice comprised of Red Bull and Mountain Dew.  The shiny pants didn't help either.  I didn't want to not like her...but I didn't get what I wanted.  I really thought she was odd and not in a good *artiste* way.  Sadly, I think her career peaked when she won $35,000 for her school.

We have never even heard of Kamaria Owsley as I don't think her audition was aired.  She has been trying to make it in the business for years and is a back up singer. We now know why she hasn't yet made it.  All I can say is OMG!  I was literally cringing in pain as she missed every single note as she was warbling that song.  This was shameful.  She TRIED to emote as she sang *You Don't Know a Thing About Me* (which we didn't until tonight and we now know all we need to know) and gave sassy looks to the rafters and wings and the ceiling.  But she was dressed to the nines with boobs on display and I'm thinking she is thinking *it worked for Zoanass...why not for me?*.  

Kree Harrison comes out in an overblouse and denim leggings as she is all of a size 6 or 8 instead of size 2.  She sings Up to the Mountain (I guess that is the title).  I liked her, the judges liked her and I think America will like her.  However, I also think the judges will turn on her when it comes time for the voting...except maybe for Keith.  They will also be giving her fashion advice. I give her credit for being the only female within 2 blocks of that stage who did not have hair extensions.  

Ok, now comes Angela Miller and my opinion is all over the place here.  I liked her original song.  I thought tonight she was too prancy and insincerely emoting as she sang about nobody being perfect.  I didn't much like the song, I thought she did an OK but sort of boring job of it, and I REALLY REALLY hate her hair.  It is polygamy hair with a dash of Farrah Fawcett in Charlie's Angel days  and you know she paid a lot for those extensions. She should sue her hairdresser and if she does her own she should sue herself.  I'm thinking the judges are of two minds about her too as they don't talk about her performance tonight but praise her for performance of her original song.  She is a producer favorite obviously but I'm not sure America is going to love her for very long if she cannot get her original song mojo back no matter how hard the producers and judges pimp her.

Isabel has decided not to use her last name.  This is an affectation that does not bode well for her.  I think her last name of Pasqualone is perfectly respectable...even exotic.  I am rooting for her because I empathize with her weight struggles.  And I love the song she sang.  Keith and Nicky are telling her how much they admire her and I'm thinking *oh oh...she is toast*.  Randy and Mariah don't think the arrangement was interesting enough.  She is on the bubble and her chances depend on the last girl failing.

We have never heard of Amber Holcomb even though this is her 2nd time around.  She is rather bubbly in her interview.  She has changed her look from last year somewhat but not too dramatically.  And then..she starts singing *My Funny Valentine* and I am in heaven.  I am almost getting tears in my eyes.  I love that song.  I love her singing it and I love this girl.  She is someone I can vote for.  I don't know what Nicki was talking about when she wondered if the TV audiences would get how good this girl is.  Nicki, people know when someone is good and they don't need multi-colored hair, crazy costumes, and crazy eyeshadow to get their attention when someone is good.  So...I'm rooting for Amber. 

I'm not sure how much of tomorrow's show I will be able to see so I may not blog about it.  I will predict, if Jolley is on, that they will LOVE him. 


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