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Thursday, March 7, 2013

And Then There Were Ten

A new approach to announcing the top 10 tonight and I sort of liked it.  The losers could sit in the back and have a moment to weep and gnash their teeth before facing the audience one last time.  And..big surprise..no wild card although they will have a sing off for the 11th place on the tour next week.  Despite my complaints about Nicki and Zoanass, I like the way they got to the top 10 this season in that the viewers got to see two full performances from the top 20...first on sudden death night and second going for the viewer's votes.  This is a lot better than having the top 20 handed to us without hearing a full song from them and then having one performance to judge before 10 are sent packing.  So..I will give credit to the producers for that.

Of course, I'm all happy pappy now that with the exception of two, the top 10 are the people I would have chosen to go through myself.  My brief thoughts in order of reveal.

Paula Jo:  Crap...next week the guitar comes out. 
Burnell:  Yay...he doesn't oversing.
Curtis Finch Jr.: Yay... but he is going to get old for me
Devin Velez:  Yay...but don't listen to Nicki...your Spanish singing is incredible but don't overdo it or the audience will get bored.
Lazaro:  Yay...I guess...cannot think who I would have put in his place.

As for the also rans, here is why I think they didn't get enough votes.

Vincent: couldn't compete with Finch on last performance.
Elijah:  the *ladies* hate him.
Cortez: too erratic.
Nick Boddington:  its all been done before and better.
Charlie:  Well, the breakdown didn't help.

As for the women my reactions were:

Janelle:  Yay. Surprised but happy and now worried for Kree.
Angie Miller:  Crap. Could have lived with her gone but that wasn't going to happen. She is our Pia this year.
Candace:   Yay.  Well-deserved
Amber: Yay... surprised but very happy
Kree:  Yay...she is getting all of whatever few votes I cast this season. 

Those who didn't make it:
Aubry/Brianna/Adrianna:  no one could keep their names straight and they all sounded alike
Teena:  too harsh looking
Zoanass:  self-explanatory

So...the real fun starts now. 

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