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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fishy Fishy

Do you know that McDonald's commercial for Fish McBites where the fish flaps and the wall and sings *Fishy Fishy*?  That is how I feel about this whole darn season right now.

Well, I know that something is askew  (and its not Charlie) because for the first time, writing this blog has become a *chore* for me. I normally love writing it and don't even care (much) if anyone reads it.  I wrote something on Thursday night following the *sudden death* moment for 10 guys but Blogger.com is having some issues and everything but the above paragraph was deleted.  I just didn't have the energy to retype it all and I still don't.  So following is a brief summary of that entry.

I am still trying to recover from the Zoanette performance and the judges reaction thereto. I TOLD you that once she hit the stage the scruples about voice being more important than *performance* would vanish and *performance* would be the paramount factor. I seriously think this is a case of the Empress Without Clothes and I only hope that the mass hysteria which Nicki has induced among the judges to support Zoanass will not spread to the voting public but I am not hopeful as it will now be *uncool* to dislike her *talent*.  As we see, Ryan is even asking Zoanass's opinion about other extras (after Vincent's performance) giving her even more face time for the viewers. The love for Zoanass is just one fishy thing.

The other fishy thing is that it appears a certain website (Vote For the Worst) was prescient when it speculated that the producers will do anything to avoid having a WGWG win this season even if it means eliminating all WGWG extras before the public can vote.  We are left with 2 WG (or 4 if you count the Latinos) and its not clear than either of them play a guitar but Charlie probably does and Paula Jo is going to get one if he hasn't already. Poor Josh Holliday was the the last obvious WGWG standing and he was summarily dismissed by Nicki despite ditching his guitar and doing an original song on the piano which was at least as good as some of the other songs I've heard over the past 2 weeks.  If only he had read my blog last week, he would have known that even though Nicki told Jett she should have stood up  in the middle of her piano/vocal performance so she would have a *moment*....it was Kings X for him and he should have stayed sitting at the piano.  Actually, Nicki hated him before he sang so he could have been Andrea Bocelli and it wouldn't have mattered.  She even hated the black guy who had a guitar (David Oliver Willis) and had to diss his wife to boot (oh...*hi wife*..sneer)!  NO guitars for men!

I'm not unhappy with the ones that went through Thursday night actually.  I'm as sick of the WGWG winners as anyone else.  I would love to see a girl win but so many of them in the top 10  are generically pretty girls with pretty voices and nothing all that special...and the one that is NOT generically pretty with a pretty voice is Zoanass who is just plain awful!  Where are the Elise's and Crystals and Haleys of prior years?  Left out.  Now we have a bunch of Pia's, Jessica Sanchez's, and a couple of country girls who will be trashed by the judges as soon as the voting starts, so they can pimp  Zoanass.    But my opinion, your opinion, America's opinion and Mariah, Randy, and Keith's opinion don't matter.  Its the Nicki and Zoanass show now and you, I, and Nigel Lythgoe better get used to it.

I'm not making any predictions at this point except one.  Zoanass will have an *amazing* performance on Wednesday night, get the pimp spot (or close to it) and a standing O from the judges.  It won't matter if she farts the song, moons the audience, or takes a dump on the stage.  Her *originality* will reign supreme...all hail Queen Zoanass!  Get used to worshiping crap!


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