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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Believe Curtis Finch, Jr. is Gone Gone Gone

The show was packed with action tonight.  Curtis is gone, gone gone and I am happy about it.  He was just too darn smug for my taste lately...dont' really know what turned me off him so suddenly but I did and so, evidently, did the rest of viewers.  Nicki said she would go if he did.  Fat chance we could get so lucky!

I'm down on Nicki tonight because she was late yesterday and I'm not so sure she was there for the opening judges walkout tonight.  It looks like Keith and maybe Randy were the voices of sanity on the save decision.  What a waste if they had used it.

I don't like the new format of announcing the voting order.  Evidently this is similar to what was used on the X Factor. It seems like a good reason for people to quit voting if their person is way down low and quit tuning in for the results show.  I hope they stop this nonsense.

Lazaro's 4th place finish surprised me.  Angela being in the top 3 disgusted me.  Paula Jo was probably where he ought to be.  The rest in the middle were about right too. Glad to see the men on the bottom but they have rigged this so in favor of the girls it would be strange indeed if they had a much different result.  As much as I want a girl to win, it would serve their butts right if America chooses Lazaro or Burnell. 

I'm in love with Jimmy Iovine again because I agreed with everything he said tonight about the contestants...except maybe Lazaro.    I don't think Jimmy is as in love with Angela as she is with herself.  That makes me feel good about my decision to loathe her. 

For the sing off we have Charlie, which I think is great because I think he got a raw deal from the judges last time and Aubry...or Audrianna...or Brianna...I'm not sure which...some generic pretty girl who sang a boring boring ballad in a boring way.  I would vomit on my keyboard if this were not a laptop. I cannot afford a new motherboard. 

I liked Phillips new song although he was sweating profusely and still looked ill.  He is still wearing his plaid shirts from Walmart.  Good for him.  Screw Nicki and her fashion advice.

I was happy for Kree and Candice...they deserved the spots.  

And until next week...remain Idol.   

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