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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Actions Have Consequences

I confess, I didn't watch the show tonight.  Instead I played video games and read the live blog by MJ, who seems to share my aversion for Angie but is not quite so vocal about it.  MJ seemed to get a kick out of Angie thinking for a moment that Jessie C, who tweeted her, was actually there in person.  That is the only moment I read about that I wish I had actually seen!  She really has an insufferably huge ego! 

So, I missed nothing much I gather.  Everyone is safe.  However, the producers and judges may want to reconsider their pimping approach as the designated dud, Kree, was in the top 2 with their darling Angie and either Candice or Amber was in last place.  So they will combine votes from tonight and next week?  I'm thinking Kree got a bunch of Janelle's votes.   Good for her! 

Bad news that Angie is in top 2 but it was to be expected after the tongue bath they gave her last night.   Bad news that Candice is in the bottom 2.  I'm wondering if the audience is sick of Amber being pushed down their throat. 

I'm also wondering if Angie and Amber are getting extra coaching from the production staff.

But as for consequences....the bad choices made by Idol producers....and I am talking to you Nigel Lythgoe...have resulted in Duck Dynasty getting higher ratings Wednesday night than Idol did in the important 18-49 demographic.  http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/tv-ratings-duck-dynasty-tops-446567.

I have never seen Duck Dynasty...but evidently its quite the rage.  A family of good old boy  Cajuns have a business making duck calls and this is the story of their lives.  I may need to check it out and it might replace Idol in my weekly schedule.

I guess Nicki sounding like a duck call just doesn't cut it when audiences can watch the real thing.

I was SO not alone in my assessment of last night's show.  Every commentator I have read (ok...only about 4 others) has remarked that the pimping of Amber was insufferable and the treatment of Candice and Kree unfair.  And every commentator I've read thinks the show is on its very last legs.   


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