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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm Crying A River

I have a horrible sense of foreboding that for the THIRD year in a row, the contestant I like the least is going to be in the finale.  According to the judges, tonight was Angie's night and I suppose someone more objective than I would concur that she had a very good night. 

The themes were contestants'  choice and one hit wonders (very loosely interpreted).  Before the show there was an article in TV Guide suggesting that the judges were pushing Amber because she seems very marketable and based on the judges comments, the third theme tonight was who is the most marketable.  The voice doesn't matter at all anymore...its all about styling...emotion...charisma...star power. Me thinks they do protest too much.  The Voice (a show premised on the theory that the voice is all that matters) is trouncing Idol in the ratings.  Heck, even reruns of The Big Bang Theory are trouncing Idol in the ratings.  Seriously...its true.

I'm not going to go performance by performance.  After Amber performed her first song (which she did well and did look beautiful doing so) and was praised profusely, I wrote in my notes:  *they are going to trash Kree tonight*.  Candice took a risk with the Drake song and they were a bit lukewarm about it.  Then poor Kree does her blues thing and they decide to hate it.  I really don't know why because I thought it was as good as Candice's song.  Nicki basically yells at Kree and tells her it was no good (or at least I think thats what she said as half of her last comment was bleeped).  Angie plays the piano and we have a collective celebration of Angie.  

They do duets, and Kree is shoved aside again as they praise Amber's new found confidence.  Nicki talks about how divas should perform together and Ryan does some nonsense between Nicki and Mariah which just highlights how horrible this season is.  Candice and Angie evidently know how to sing a duet right.  

The one hit wonders were interesting.  My hope that disco died with Donna Summers was dashed when Amber does MacArthur Park disco style like Donna Summers did.   How this song is a one hit wonder I do not know because it was covered by about everyone back in the day including Anthony Newley who was indeed a one hit wonder.  The BeeGee's were hardly one hit wonders but maybe the original artist was...anyway Emotion is a song that was played to death during disco fever.  I thought Amber lost complete control of MacArthur Park and was horribly off pitch on the glory notes and that Candice was ok but not remarkable.  Kree does Whiter Shade of Pale which maybe was a one hit thing for Percy Sledge?  I don't know and the judges like it slightly better than her first song but Nicki talks about her going home tomorrow which really does suggest that this whole season is one big rigged fraud.  And Cry Me A River?  Hardly a one hit wonder except for the one person they said sang it along with about every other unknown who sang it.  By that criteria, *My Heart Will Go On* is a one hit wonder because I'm sure some obscure artist somewhere covered it on some CD which sold 45 copies.  When I think of one hit wonders I think *My Boy Lollipop*. 

Ok, Angie is the star tonight.  Kree will be up for the save which they may or may not use.

The hospital scenes were inspiring but I couldn't help but notice that when Angie and Amber entered that one hospital room, Angie jumped in like *surprise here I am...I know you will be thrilled to see me* and Amber walked in like a regular person.  Angie also fell in love with Morrison because *he recognized ME ME ME* while Candice introduced herself to the one little boy very humbly and Kree was asking questions of the staff about the programs and patients.   I really do not like Angie. 

I must say however, that I'm not just subjective about Angie, I have really been dismayed at this season and Idol's downfall and can no longer be objective about the show.  Last night, I got my days mixed up and thought it was Wednesday and sat down with my pen and pad with dread and foreboding because I had to watch the show.  Then I realized it was NOT Wednesday and that I could watch The Voice instead.  Which I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

I'm sorry Idol...when you have lost me, you've lost America...so many friends and relatives have abandoned the show over the past two years and I hung in there hoping for a magic season with contestants like David Cook, Jason Castro, Adam Lambert, Haley Reinhardt, Crystal Bowersox, or Melinda Doolittle.  Not to mention Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson.  Instead we get Lazaro and Zoanetta.

I doubt I will watch tomorrow's show until the very end.  As I understand it they are showcasing Lee DeWyze. You know they are depressed in Idol land if they are bringing back a guy whose face they have never even posted on the backround montage on the show's opening as an Idol winner and whom they didn't bring back to perform the season after he won!  Maybe he will sing Hallelujah and make my week complete!

Update:  After googling Whiter Shade of Pale I discovered it was originally released by Procol Harem, a British band, in the late 60s and was something of an anthem for The Summer of Love (1967).  It appears Percy Sledge covered the song.  I should have known that.  But as the song was named, along with Bohemian Rhapsody, as one of the best songs by British songwriters for a certain time period....I would not call it a *one hit wonder* either.  But glad Kree got to sing it as its a song I like which I'm not sure I have ever heard on Idol. 

Update 2:  I am seriously slipping in my analysis and a reading of another blog slapped me right in the face with the  obvious!  It was apparent from the beginning when you saw the order of performance.  They were going to push Amber and Angie down our throats no matter what.  (You know...I don't think Kree has EVER had the pimp spot this whole season).  They want a young, thin, idol this year.  Plump ladies need not apply.  So...when Amber does a Celine Dion song...she is called *current*.  When Candice does a Drake song...I don't know him but I gather he is much more current than Celine since Celine isn't known for her hip hop...she is called *old fashioned*.  Angie's theatrics, which were criticized as phony 4 weeks ago, were just great tonight but Kree's restraint, praised all season and encouraged by Jimmy, was *not worthy of a top 4 performance*. 

Ack...they want Rihanna....they want....hmmm...who is Angie....cannot think of anyone current she is like except for the contestants in the Miss America pageant and just like a typical New England pageant queen she is sorta homely and horsey looking with those big teeth. They all play the piano too! 

We see this season after season.  They decide that the best talent isn't marketable enough so they turn on them.  Thus lets push that insipid Lauren Alaina over Haley and James Durbin.  Lets push that paint salesman over Crystal. 

If its an Angie/Amber finale...I won't be watching again but will probably put in some votes for Amber since I don't hate her.  She is just so lame compared to Candice and Kree. 

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