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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chambers of Mediocrity

That Chamber is stupid.  (I tried to find a more adult word that would convey the same meaning but I am sticking with stupid).  Yes, producers, having the contestants stand in a gray box which makes them claustrophobic (and the viewer vicariously so) is the way to get the 18-35 age group to turn off Duck Dynasty and turn to Idol.  Hey have you heard?  Idol is really cool this year...they put the contestants in a CHAMBER...lets watch! Again, reverting to language which is on the same maturity level as the Chamber, I wonder what stupid head came up with the idea.

Well, this head sort of forgot to turn on Idol tonight until it was half way over.  Looking at other recaps of the show online, it appears the only memorable moment I missed was my man Harry chastising a contestant for disrespecting the process.  I ,gather that contestant would have scored high on the Z scale so I'm sorry I didn't see it.

So, I turned on the 2nd half and have to say that the only remotely interesting contestant to me was  David Lunig, the guy who sang the *dark* original song.  I have no idea how he will fare going forward but he was the only one to offer anything that wasn't what everyone else had to offer this week. 

The girls were particularly boring.  *My name is (Britney, Ashley, Tiffany, Briana, Selena) and I am  (16,17), I have long (blonde or brunette) hair, and I'm going to sing something you will not remember in 5 minutes*.  Perhaps there was a gem contestant or two in the quick montages they ran between the long-haired teens, but we caught only a glimpse of them.

I don't remember many of the other men.   We had the two weepers.  Emmanuel wept because he was chosen (he was nothing special) so I gave him an 8 on the Z scale just for the tears.  Then, Ronald James Reed came on screen advising the others in the holding room that he was going to bring world peace, end famine, and cure disease AFTER he won American Idol.  I smelled a big Z score coming on at that point.  I wasn't disappointed.  His breakdown was pretty revolting.  He hits the floor and moans and mourns and you and I both know he was paid to be a pompous ass brought to humility by the judges.  If his act wasn't so contrived, I would have given him a 9.5 on the Z scale but...he wasn't serious.  

And then of course, the man in white.  The sound therapist or guru or whatever he called himself.  First, he sings Hallelujah which should be banned forever and ever on this show.  Then he sings it badly...yelling out the Hallelujah part as if he is at some Oklahoma revival meeting watching the preacher play with snakes.  He is a fake as JLo noted and believe me, I don't think she is the most perceptive human alive.  I also don't think he will last long.  

Now...if you want, you can see who makes the top 13 by going to MJS Big Blog.  Just google it and you will find a link.  I read the list and no one popped out to me.  I'm hoping there is some interesting woman who is over 18 who has a distinct style who I can get behind.  If all we get are the little girls with hair extensions belting glory notes on the female side, I'm going to go for the cutest WGWG this season. 


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