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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mamma Mia

Ryan Secrest is going home to mama. It seems like Ryan is not nearly as much of a presence this year as he usually is in the auditions but we now know he has a mama and that she is a ham.  Good for her.  I saw her interviewed once and she really is a firecracker.   So yay for mamas (as opposed to momagers but more on that later).

The show opens with more chamber drama.  You would think they had discovered penicillin the way they are hyping this lame chamber concept.  Lets hope it is just for the auditions.  If it goes into the live shows and wastes air time I will not be a happy blogger. 

The first contestant up tonight is Majesty Rose.  Despite her affected name, I liked the way she sang.  No frills. 

Jesse from Kentucky drove all night and I was glad he got a golden ticket for his trouble.  I don't think he has the *total package* they talk about (he isn't good looking enough) to get much attention or a push from the PTB so I suspect the poor guy will end up tending the counter at the all night gas station again soon, but we can hope. 

After the girl with the pink hair is justifiably rejected, the show enters another dimension for me for quite awhile.  The next three contestants are, in my opinion, not ready for afternoon viewing.  Chris Medina brings his dog.  Really?  I hope that poor dog doesn't have to go to Hollywood with him.  I thought he was terrible.  They all loved him.  Were they afraid to disappoint the dog?  Then, the sweet nurse Kristen O'Conner (we see her practicing in THE CHAMBER...OOOOH) comes out and gives a pretty pedestrian performance which will put her at the bottom of the pretty girls with hair extensions going to Hollyood pack.  Finally, Emily, the 17 year old who has been watching idol since she was 2 or 3 did a performance which made me cringe for her.  They all got through.  

The next two contestants were fine...actually I wrote good by Ben Briley but now I don't remember him.  Is he the one with the wife who pushed him to pursue his dream?  And Nika LaShay was super confident if super loud singing Natural Woman.  But then they send Jordan, the 15 year old cook (who needs to cook because he likes to eat...hey he said it not me) through.  When he sang all I could see was his tongue and I thought he was pretty bad.  

Harry said no to the Phil Phillips clone, Sam from Athens. I bet this is the last we see of him.  Then someone really interesting to me came on.  Jessica Muse from Slapout Alabama.  She did an original which made Angie Miller's sappy original sound like a 3rd grader wrote it.  I really liked her even if her pink/purple hair streak was a little out of date if she wants to be outrĂ©.  

I thought the dressed up in a costume country girl was just OK but they seemed impressed with her.  Then the retreads, Nico and Caleb made it through.  I don't think they will fare any better this year.  

Finally we end with Bria with the sparkle lips who is only 15 and belted out some song.  I cannot remember.  I didn't like her or her mother the momager.  Shades of Kris Jenner (who will be changing her name back to Kardashian soon).  Maybe Marielle, the producer's next Lauren Alaina, will cut them both down to size.  

Things I thought about after I wrote last night's blog.  They have been eliminating most of the sob stories (thank goodness) but they did include Marielle's sob story.  This is a sign she is the chosen one.  I really did not read Michael Slezaks blog before I wrote mine last night but was gratified to see he got the Alaina similarities too.  

And...one more thing I have noticed the past 2 nights.  JLo no longer uses the word *pitchy*.  Thanks to Harry saying its not a word, she now says that people are *out of tune*.  Of course, she would never acknowledge that it was Harry's influence...not with all the sui generis stuff coming out of her mouth.  I'm not a JLo fan. 

And now I'm slap out of things to say. 


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