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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Thank God its...no not Omaha...but over.  Let us hope the chamber will be shattered along with the dreams of those who entered its hallowed walls in hope and came out in despair.  Actually, I do feel compassion for many of the hopefuls.

Tonight is pretty much an anti-climax and blessedly only an hour long.  There were only a few contestants which are blog-worthy, in my opinion.  And, only one was worthy of the Zoanette scale. 

The show starts with a legacy.  The son of Joline of Joline and the Wanted.  I have never heard of Joline or the Wanted but they evidently opened for Keith Urban many many years ago.  Coit or Quaid (not sure what his first name is) was not horrible but that is about all you can say about him.  Joline got him through to Hollywood but I don't think he will be staying there very long. 

The little 15 year old blonde who looked like so many others (I cannot read my writing...so all I know is her last name is Walker) didn't impress me but she was the total package with the judges.  She was followed by Elissa Fremont with a nose  but not a voice approaching Streisand's.  She is not the total package.  She went through without Harry's vote but I doubt if she lasts long either.  I was sorry she wasn't better because I wanted her to be good to offset the hair extension brigade.

Next up is a sort of dorky guy, Tyler Gurwicz from Vermont.  He sang Adele which did not impress Harry and struggled for a moment to come up with another song to sing despite his claim that he has been singing for 10 years.  I didn't like either of his songs...his voice was all over the place to me.  Zoanette scale:  6. 

Tyler Marshall, the happy guy, sang Proud Mary.  I liked him fine but he is not that unique so I'm not sure how well he will do.  E.C. Jones, who sang Stand By Me (with Harry standing by him) was good but so very odd looking.  A little like Humpty Dumpty with hair. 

The Double D's (as I call them) Dayjontea (dear Lord his mother should be shot for naming him that) and Dylan were featured very briefly and I wanted to hear more.  Especially from Dylan.  I probably won't, unfortunately.

Paula Hunt was a lovely woman who is in the Air Force Entertainment Group.  They gave her a bit of a back sob story so maybe she is going somewhere in the competition.  Its hard to criticize her voice but I wanted to PULL that song out of her she sang it so slow.

I like Andrina, who they said was scared.  I don't think she will last in Hollywood though. I got a kick out of the auctioneer but he was really terrible.  Tessa Kate was fine. 

I don't expect too many finalists to come from the Omaha auditions.  I'm glad all of it is over.  Up next is Hollywood Week which I also hate because of the drama on group night.  From the previews, it looks like an early favorite of mine (last name Mues) with the blue hair streak is at odds with her group.  I hope she wasn't a biotch because even if she makes it to the voting, the public won't vote for her.  This is what these kids don't understand.  Yes, you might get a bunch of camera time in Hollywood week if you are part of some big drama, but the public will hate you if you are not nice and no matter how talented you are...you won't get the votes.  So play nice kids! 

They gave away 212 golden tickets.  Lots of dreams to shatter. 

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