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Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Would Say Ooh La La

In fact, I think I will say ooh la la. Emily Piriz, Angie Miller's half-baked clone, was in the bottom 3 and then to her complete amazement, found herself ooo oo oo oo ooo oo oo...going Home.   I could not feel one bit sad. And here is why.  I told you she was a passive/aggressive mean girl last week.  This week, at the group dinner, she just HAD to say *Jess, they said you were sharp the whole way through your song!* in a fake sympathetic voice.  Well sweetie, karma bit you.

As for the rest of the show, I thought the bit where Harry had to apologize to the contestants for being honest with them was a bit unnecessary.  None of them were great last night.  He wasn't sarcastically mean like Simon used to be, he gave them constructive criticism in a pretty kind way.  Oh well.  Keep it up Harry.  

Phillip Phillips was fine...his performance contrasted with the contestants last night was indeed a demonstration of good v. meh,  of but of course he has 2 years of touring under his belt.  He still makes odd grimaces when he sings.  I find it distracting.  Good for him for his sucess.

Kodaline, Randy's pick for up and coming artist was just above meh to me.  I'm not a fan of men singing falsetto ever and I'm really not a fan of them singing the entire song in falsetto.  I'm glad they put the hashtag up with the band's name because I couldn't understand if they were calling them Coda Line, Coat of Lion, Tow the Line or what.  I guess its supposed to be a clever transposition of Line of Code?  Who knows.  

Poor MK was in the bottom 3 again and I felt bad for her.  I really thought Malaya or CJ might end up there this week but I guess JLo's goosies got Malaya over the hump this week.  

As for the save, I would have been really irritated if they had wasted it on Emily Piriz.  I was surprised the public voted her in the top 13 to begin with given what I perceived as her road kill version of Paris (Ooh La La) on the first live show.  I think she thought she was pretty clever doing a JLo song but it evidently backfired.  I have no doubt JLo wanted to save her (guilt because she went home on a JLo song?) but fortunately, at least one of the guys (and my guess is Harry who I think saw she was a lightweight compared to some of the others) said no.  To be honest, however, based on last night's performances, I'm not sure ANY of them deserved a save.  

Next week's theme is songs from the Cinema.  I might know some of them.  

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