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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waiting On the Meh to Change

I'm flummoxed and disappointed.  We have three judges who all get along and are making surprisingly insightful comments to the contestants each week (even JLo).  We have a new paradigm for song choices and themes, allowing the contestants to go with what they want and rationalize it for us later.  We are hearing some music we have never heard on Idol before.  And its all a big MEH.  

I have basically nothing to say about any of the performances tonight so I will do what Paula always did when she had nothing to say (about every time) and talk about how the contestants looked.  Beyond that...I got nothing! 

The theme for tonight was Home and we heard a little bit about why each contestant loves their home town, family and friends.  Of course its only a coincidence that this theme was chosen the week that Phillip Phillips is returning to perform.  There was very little Home in the song choices tonight but the theme was broad enough to include just about anything that the contestants wanted to sing because *it reminds me of Home*.  

Jena Irene (her family messed up and mentioned her real surname of Aciotto or Prosciutto taking away some of the glamour) sang Suddenly I See.  This was an upbeat song with a lot of words which I didn't really catch because I don't know the song so I didn't get the meaning of it.  I suppose she sang it fine.  Harry wanted more energy.  I wanted less ham.  I really wish she would ditch the coal black helmet hair and at least get some highlights or something put in.  The color ages her and makes her look trashy.  Maybe I associate dyed black hair with skankiness because all of the girls we considered fast in high school seemed to have dyed black hair and heavy eye makeup.  We called them *hoods* back then.  Its not a good look for anybody.

Alex sang a song I maybe have heard once or twice in my life, I Dont Wanna Be.  It had a pretty good message but he did such an artsy fartsy performance of it I didn't really enjoy it.  JLo appreciated he tried to do something different with it but indicated he had done it wrong.  I'm not a fan of his bouffant hairdo.  But he really has little to work with poor guy.

My girl Jessica sang White Flag by Dido.  I don't know the song and I don't know Dido (maybe I have heard her name once or twice?) which is not Jessica's fault.  She was not on tonight.  I didn't notice her bad intonation until she bombed that high note...ouch.  And she did lack some conviction in her delivery.  She said she sings this a lot back home and maybe she has sung it too many times or maybe nerves got to her.  I think she has added hair extensions which I don't approve of.   I suspect she will be safe but if she does another one like this one she might find herself Slapout of time on Idol. 

Dexter needed to redeem himself after that horrible mumbled performance last week and he did somewhat I think.  At least i understood the words this week. Of course, I knew the words to Lucky Man so its hard to tell if his enunciation was better or I just didn't need his enunciation.   I wish he wouldn't wear that white mesh hat backwards.  It looks like he is wearing a hairnet serving swill in the food line at the state penitentiary.  

Emily Piriz pandered by doing a JLo song.  This is the first time Emily has mentioned she is Latina.  I think Harry called it right when he said the song was too big for her.  She looked fine.  I still don't like her.

Caleb sang Working Man and sounded just like he did last week.  Harry told him his performances were getting predictable.  I harken back to James Durbin who was never predictable even though he was a rocker.  Caleb bores me more and more each week and I normally enjoy the rockers.  

Poor MK.  She sang Drops of Jupiter which reminded her of her home in San Francisco.  It was a sweet but not memorable performance and she does seem to lose focus during her performances.  I'm pretty sure she will be in the bottom 3 again this week which is a shame because I do like her.  

CJ, another favorite of mine, did marginally better this week with Wating on The World to Change.  Keith told him its time to quit covering songs and make them his own.  I think he will survive this week.

Sam Wolfe sang a song called Just One which was completely indistinguishable from the song he sang last week.  Cannot complain about his looks or his voice but he is not bringing anything memorable to the stage either.

Malaya sang a contemporary Gospel song called Take Me to the King and she was doing fine until she stood up and started screaming.  The judges were too kind to her I think.   

Ben Briley seems like a nice guy.  He really wants to do well.  He sang Turning Home.  The song had potential for a moment.  It wasn't a moment.

Finally, Majesty Rose, who appears to be a judges favorite, sang Fix You.  I didn't see anything wrong with it but it wasn't that special to me either.   

Funny about Majesty who seems to be all sweetness and light.  I noticed that when Jena was performing, Majesty had a sour look on her face and when the others stood and clapped for Jena, Majesty sat still.  Wonder what that is about?  

Maybe I'm crazy but I just think this week was meh.   Maybe they need to start limiting the song choices and tightening up the themes again as these kids are going off the rails.  Or maybe they shouldn't have put through so many kids.

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