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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


That song is going around and around in my head.  And, typical of every Hollywood Week, some of the contestants took a grenade for the team and were sent home.  

This episode was so heavily edited that it was hard to take notes and make much sense of things except that there were some contestants the editors wanted us to know and some they didn't.  Last episode ended with Alexis fainting or having a meltdown.  I didn't see the first few minutes of this week's show, so I don't know how she rebounded but she did and went through with Jax.  Sal and Kelly took the grenade.  Alexis is trouble. 

Emily had food poisoning and a barf bag but managed to keep it down long enough to go through.   The Belmont group with the guy who looks like Poindexter (there is always a Poindexter) made it through intact.  A little trivia for you.  Belmont University is also Melinda Doolittle's alma mater and has a great music program.  

The Vital Signs were all out for number one.  Cindy and Alona made it through.  I found them very easy to loathe.

Hollywood abandoned Team No Sleep to flirt with the girls and preen before the camera.  Then he slept.  Poor Laurel tried to bring the team together but failed.  There is no fairness in Hollywood so she blew up with the grenade and Hollywood stayed. 

My favorite group of the night sang acapella and starred Jess Lamb and Lovey (the Bada Bing Girl).  I thought we wouldn't see Jess again and this was probably our last sighting but I'm glad she made it through.  Lovey was a lot better here than in her audition but my vote is still out on her. 

Poor Rocky.  They named the group after him but he still didn't make it through.  

And there is always one absolutely spoiled brat drama queen every year who is so misunderstood (i.e. not bowed to by the group) that he or she wants to switch teams in the middle of the night.  Heather thought production would help her out and put her in another group (yeah right)or perhaps sing solo?  Because by god, if she had to stay in that group she wasn't going to sing!  I gather she was told stay in the group and sing or go home because she stayed in the group.  And I was really afraid she wouldn't be punished for her s*** stirring ways.  She was. She didn't know it but the grenade had her name on it the minute she started whining to the production team.  She also was pretty lackluster in the performance.

Truly the rest of the groups but the final one just became a blur at this point except they all seemed to be singing Grenade. Somewhere in all the Grenading, Garret Miles and his bevy of beauties performed a country song.  I don't know why they sent Garret home.  They didn't show the bevy of beauties singing so I don't know why they stayed.

Finally, the last group, the Violet Vixens performed.  Not really together.  One of them (Joey) forgot the words.  Individually, I guess they made and impression because they all went through.  I think the judges were punch drunk tired at that point and just grateful they didn't sing Grenade so gave them all a pass.   

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