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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Its Cuttin' Time

Finally,  we get to see some real performances (or selected portions thereof). But sadly, my two favorites are gone.  One I expected, the other I didn't. 

First up is Loren Lott singing Skyfall "because it makes me cry".  Loren's veins are filled with ice so I don't buy that for a minute.  She will be in the top 10 unless America decides they hate her.  She is determined.  She is also very very good.  She is so much the "total package" that I want to wrap her up and send her by UPS.  To wherever Angie Miller and Jena Irene and Pia Toscano are.  

Next, is Daniel Seavy who is about 12 years old.  He sings "I See Fire".  He is good, he is cute, he seems sweet but really...he is a CHILD! 

Big Ron and Ricky Minor had a major disagreement about the arrangement.  Big Ron sticks with "Lets Get It On" which is a stupid stupid song and he is acting like a stupid stupid little boy no matter how big he is.  I don't think his performance would have grabbed the crowd's attention at a Holiday Inn Lounge on the outskirts of Topeka.  I guess Harry had a heads up from Ricky about Big Ron's attitude because he gives Big Ron an opening to talk about the band and Big Ron disses Ricky. Big Ron went down.

I have no idea why Shia went through.  She sang All I Can Do is Cry and not all that well.  She has a commercial look, I guess.  

I was not expecting Adam Lasher to fail.  But he did.  I expected a lot more from his performance.  Well, maybe his uncle can open some doors for him.  He showed a lot of promise but hubris did him in.  A free fall indeed right from the sun. 

Quentin Alexander, the Fashionista, went through.  He gets on my nerves and I don't know why.  Maddie, a blonde country singer went through.  

Up next is Alexis Granville who famously passed out in the group round.  She is much better today.  Not nervous at all.  She starts with "You Light Up My Life" And she is so off key it is laughable.  Each phrase is in a different key.  This is painful.  Harry takes mercy and lets her start again.  This girl cannot carry a tune today (if she ever could).  She actually looks shocked when she is stopped mid-song.  She didn't know she wasn't on key.  Talk about a grenade....this was a nuclear explosion.

Jax, the twee little thing, sings "Let It Be" to her mom and dad.  I'm not sure if I like her or hate her but I do hate her headband.  Michael Simeon performs.  I forgot what he did.  I forgot whether he made it through.

Several entries ago, I wrote that JLo hates old contestants but only if they are female because she is looking for her new boy toy.  She found him in Nick, who is 28 but hey...he is not jaded one little bit in JLo's eyes.  She actually put her finger in her mouth and gave him goo goo eyes before he performed.  She "LUUVS" him.  I like him too.  But if JLo doesn't learn to keep her pants on when he performs, this is going to get very old very fast.  

Katherine with the psychic cat is up next.  She has tried ever so hard to be ever so hip and original.  She screams her song.  She goes home.  Sadly, Mustafa is no longer in this world.  

They send Jess Lamb home.  She was my favorite of all the auditions.  We don't know why she went home because we didn't see her perform.  At least with Adam I could see his performance was lacking.  Now I have conspiracy theories dancing in my head.

Clark Beckham is a throwback.  I'm not sure what I think of him.  Mark Andrews would probably remember the words if his head was not so hot with that stocking cap.  They both go through (for now). 

Joey forgot the words in the group round.  So, what does she choose for her song today?  Across the Universe.  Which has convoluted mystical lyrics that you would need to hear 400 times in order to remember them.  We only hear her sing 5 words so have to take her word for it that she forgot everything but "Nothings Gonna Change My World".  I like her but dang she is not very bright. 

They love Lovey.  I thought Lovey was better last night.  They love Rayvon.  Rayvon is OK but I think there is a reason other than his talent that JLo is remembering him.  Get her a man fast before she ravages all the contestants!  Finally, the guy they call the "mini-Keith", Riley.  Grandmas will love him.  I don't think there are any teens watching this show any more but if they were, they might love him too.  Or not.  They might like the 28 year old guy.  

So, with my favorites gone I can sit back and snark all I want this season.  Yay for that.  I still wish Jess was in the show.  


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