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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bikini Biotch

Well, I said I would be kinder after the Stephen Fowler debacle, but you know, sometimes you just have to call a bitch a bitch. Thank God she got cut. But I am a little more than pissed she took my Rose down with her.

I'm assuming you all watched the show so I will not detail her bitchiness. I was just glad Kara got the last word in (and for all people say about Kara she is a good judge of character) with her censored insult which I pretty sure was *What a bitch*.

I really think they need to go back to only letting 18 and older compete. Rose was out of her element. I'm not giving up on her. I'm wondering if she is on facebook or something and I can send her a note to tell her I think she has a future. I wonder if my my facebook friend Margaret could search her out for me. Rose Flack is her name and shes from Jacksonville I think.

I wanted to see the blind guy sing tonight. I hate to call him the blind guy but they have not mentioned his name in the past few episodes and I have forgotten it. Danny Gokey did well. I think he had a group of really nice people in it. Which shows how much this is luck of the draw. Plus he had his best friend with him too which has to be a big help for him.

Ok, right now, I'm interested (not in a carnal way) in the helmet head guy whose name I do not remember that Paula or Kara said had an amazing voice or something like that. I do not even remember what group he was in because I was so pissed that my Rose got in bikini bitch's group. I hate his hair. I hope he is not gay because that will sort of cool it for me (even though I'm not interested in him in a carnal way). Maybe KK remembers his name. I loved his performance though. Whatever group he was in looked like they were having a whole lot of fun.

And, I cannot forget Tatiana. I truly do not think she is a bitch she is just so self-involved she doesn't realize she is a stick in the eye to anyone she encounters. Even the closed captioned scroll on my screen says when she is laughing *annoying laugh*. She wasn't content to sow discontent in her own group. NOOOOO... she has to go find the most pathetic group in the whole competition and make it even more pathetic by adding another bone of contention for them to fight over. Because the sweet blonde said she could join. The tough redhead said hell no (I was with the redhead by the way). And Nathaniel just cried. Maybe in future episodes when Nathaniel cries the closed captioned will scroll *annoying cry*.

I cannot even find a villian in that last group. It was the most mismatched trio of personalities I have ever seen. The blonde was too sweet and too fragile, Nathaniel was too dramatiic and cried too much, and the tough redhead was just too tough for her own good. I'm not sure why she, and not the other two, were cut. Unless she was the only one sabotaging the others wth her backround singing. If she was then the cut was justifieid. Of course when she cursed at the sweet blonde towards the end you realized that maybe she was bikini bitch without the sex appeal.

So that is my take on Week 1 of Hollywood. Cannot wait to see KK's opinion after she views her DVR.


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