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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Real World Meets AI

When the spoiler sites hinted they'd focus in on more of the "backstage drama" during Hollywood week, they meant it.

There are no drunks, no hot-tubs, no hook-ups (that they showed) - but it pretty much echoed the last 10 years of Real World debauchery wrapped up into a short and sweet prime-time blip.

After watching 59 minutes of fighting, crying, backstabbing, and eye-rolling, I'm hard pressed to find something to write about the ONE minute of actual, you know, SINGING that they aired.

Obviously, no AI blog would be complete without bidding a good riddance to Bikini Biotch. My favorite line: "okay, hi, teach me what I missed." If Stephen Fowler were a woman, I'm pretty sure he'd be her.

And a moment of silence for poor Rose, who was barefooted the entire week. I almost cried when she said "I just don't have that good of a voice"

I still like the best friends. I agree with Tee that Jamar will not make it as far as David, but the two of them will be a good story of camaraderie. And every season needs one of those (remember Danny Noriega and Ramiele Malubay?)

My new villians (since they have not shown the fate of many of my previous villians) are:

1. Von Smith - not only does he look like a troll, but Simon pegged him perfectly when he called him self-indulgent and childish.

2. Cry-baby Nathaniel - if he can't handle two girls fighting without bursting into tears, how is he going to handle Ryan Seacrest's torturous commentary leading up to a vote-off? His voice is not good enough to make up for an entire season of tears.

3. Tatiana - barely made the villian category in my mind. Because although there is clearly something wrong with her, I don't think it's something she means to do. But if she gets through to the final 24, I'll die.

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