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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tatiana Del Throwup

First let me say I enjoyed tonight's show much more than last week's shows because there was more singing. Second, let me say that so far there is not one contestant I am absolutely in love with although the men seem stronger than the women. Third, let me say that I guess Tatiana is going to be in the top 36 and I will just have to live with her drama queen persona. Fourth, let us hope America sees her *true colors* and doesn't vote for her.

Ok, Adam Lambert. Yes, it appears he is gay. His choice of Cher's *I Believe* pretty much removed all lingering doubts. He probably would have sung Garland but her songs are theatrical and he is trying to get away from that. He has a great voice. No sex appeal to me at all and I have to at least have the potential of my 23 year old inner self getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach before I am moved emotionally. Sorry if this grosses my nieces out.

Danny and Jamar. I think they both did well and I was more impressed with Jamar than I have been in the past. He was a little quirky. I wish Danny had done a little less of an emo song (see how cool I am with the lingo KK?). I'd like to see him do Satisfaction!

Scott McIntyre. If he were not blind he would be nearly a shoe in I think. I'm afraid there will be a backlash against him...not because people don't like blind people but because they will think...oh everyone feels sorry for him and will vote for him so we don't need to.

Oil Field Worker. Well what can I say. I like BIG MEN! He's nice too. Bald Mean Looking Guy (not featured tonite)...I don't think he is mean. I've forgotten what his voice sounds like.

The good Stephen Fowler (70's Temptations look alike) forgot his words. Why did they let him through and not my Rose? I think he is good but geeze!

The women in general...blah...blah...blah. Lil Rounds seems awfully nice but she screams. Joanna Pacitti (the plant) screwed up awfully and made it through (agent at work here). So far she hasn't been a biotch so I will give her the benefit of the doubt but she forgot words too....(my poor Rose).

And where is my other favorite woman the young divorced mom with the tattoo on her arm? I have forgotten her name but I have not seen her in Hollywood Week and she had a unique voice.

Kristen Macnamara must have had the implants removed because her pictures on VFTW from Nashville Star show humongous boobs .... or maybe it was just a super wonderbra? She is obviously not playing the sex appeal card here so I like her for that but thought she was just really really ordinary in her singing.

Why didn't they ditch Tatiana when they had the chance?

Oh...and here is the one I really liked tonite that I hadn't seen much before. The dueling piano guy. He sang Georgia. Which I thought was a risk. I didn't get tingles in my stomach but I really liked what he did with that song.

Haha and Normund/Nick is still there. What a sweetheart! Don't you just love people who are so lighthearted? We need more like him in our world. People (me most of all) need to laugh more.

So tomorrow we will see if the VFTW spoilers are true or not. Probably are pretty much on point.

And...thankfully we didn't have to see Von (Yawn) Smith perform tonite. He makes David Archuletta look like Paul McCartney.

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