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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tweens, The Judges, and Why Don't I Care this Year?

KK hit it on the nose with the analysis of the Tween vote. Some of those pink cell phones were going for Adam too...Mr. Emo who sings well but does absolutely nothing for my libido as he is certainly, unequivocably, irrevocably Gay.

I have not commented on the judges this year because they have been pretty much as boring as the contestants. I think they too, are bored silly with this new format and the dreck the producers forced them to put through so that Adam, Danny Gokey, and (watch for this next week as she will get the *pimp spot*) Lil Rounds would not somehow slip through the cracks by doing something awful like camping around doing a bad Elvis and Mick Jagger imitation while singing Satisfaction.

However, I spent time this morning with two ardent Idol fans (who I will call Big J and Little J) and Big J described Kara's judging style perfectly. *She is a barking dog*. I think he was referring to her manner and not her looks . And she is really breaking the judges code by talking about how *commercially viable* some contestants are which tells the audience at home its really not so much about the singing. Paula is looking more mediciated each show (she started off very clear) so the dreck is getting to her too.

And Why Don't I Care this Year? This new format does not allow you to get to know any one well enough to bond with them. And the one's I sort of bonded with are now gone to Idol oblivion unless they come back with a wild card but I'm not counting on that.

Still, they are going to have to even out the girls and the guys at some point.

David Cook would not stand a chance with this new format. Bring back Nigel Lythgoe or whoever he was who was the head producer the past few years and throw out these young upstarts who have trashed my show!!

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