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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's Get Cynical

Where to begin? Von Smith, who makes babies cry and not in a good way (see my earlier link to a great Youtube video) surprised me by toning down his dramatics and coming across very Donny Osmond like. Still, sorry Von, you got the first slot which means you could have actually have been Mick Jagger unlike that tramp Adam Lambert and still would be given the heave ho.

Then Taylor, the incredibly boring high school girl. She was boring when she auditioned and she was boring tonight even though they did get rid of her polygamy hair.

Alex, like Normund, was clearly put through as fodder for the favorites but I like his personality and I didn't thnk he was as bad as the judges said. Bye bye Alex.

Arianna. Cute as a button but awful. Awful song. Awful vocals.

Juno. I heart him. I have only heard that song twice I think but it was eerily familiar. I think it is updated version of *Please come to Chicago* or whatever that song was called about some guy being in 5 different cities pining for a girl. He did a good and understated job and I am sorry to say I suspect he is also fodder.

Kristen MacNamara doesn't know who she is because not long ago she was trying to be the next Nashville star. She looked like a Miss America contestant tonite and while there was nothing objectively wrong with her voice her winks and little hootchi coos turned me off.

Nathaniel. Well at least he didn't sing Disturbia and make me think he was on the verge of cutting his wrists for his art tonight. More fodder.

Felicia Barton the Joanna Pancitti replacement. I think she was the one in Hollywood who said are there really 8 girls sitting out there who are better than me? Of course she was right. There were not. But the producers had already given the black haired screamer slot to their friend Joanna. I would not mind seeing her go through. I thought she had good vocals, if screaming, but was a little leaden in her delivery.

Jorge. I do not get him at all. I thought his version of that song was old fashioned and overwrought. Hint for gay men trying not to appear gay: Do not sing Elton John.

Blonde country singer. Blonde country singer. Unless Kristy Lee Cook's fans are dialing tonight she will go on back to Texas. But I love that song.

Lil Rounds. She got the pimp spot. She didn't scream. I think she is a nice young woman with a gift trying to get ahead. Didn't vote for her.

Scott McIntire. I heart him too and I don't think it is because he is blind and I'm not normally attracted to those curley haired blonde sensitive types. But his performance moved me. It was a song I had never heard before. Reminded me of my youth. I hope he makes it through over that ridiculous Jorge.

I suppose tomorrow we will learn how the Wild Card show will be programmed. I'm pretty sure we will see Tatiana again as she is good for ratings. As for the rest of them? There were some women I liked who I hope come back.

But...bottom line...this new format has me not caring about any of them very much.

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