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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bye Bye Michael

He is, without a doubt, one of the classiest acts I've seen on Idol in three seasons of watching even if he is not as polished a performer as nearly all of his competitors. I think he knew he was going home before the show started. I noticed last week when Allison was shockingly put in the bottom three he comforted her (its only the bottom 3 don't worry) and then tonight when Ryan was doing his stupid suspense tease with Lil he was not having any of it and reassuring Lil. I'm glad he made the tour and I hope he gets paid a pretty good sum for it to help out his family. I also hope he can maybe make some sort of career out of music.

Matt in the bottom three was a big shocker. Even more shocking was that he was evidently 2nd to last in the voting behind Megan and Scott. Megan is the choice of Vote For The Worst so that perhaps explains why she wasn't in the bottom three but I really thought the last two standing tonight would be Michael and Scott after Megan was pronounced safe.

I enjoyed the group number for once because I know the songs. Poor Rueban sang what I think is a boring song from his album and if that is the best song on it I don't think he will be collectin any Grammy's next year. And he sweated....a lot...which he cannot help but it was distracting.

Well Smokey is Smokey and of course he had to sing. I have never heard of Joss whats her name but she has a pretty good voice (what Megan's at times promises to be). Still I was rather creeped out by an old man singing a love song to a girl who is his great granddaughter's age. And why was she introduced as his *special guest*? Even creepier.

I thought I would have at least one hour of tv free from the shadow of our dear leader, Obama, but Stevie Wonder had to make sure we....like in 1984....are fully aware that our Big Brother Dear Leader is watching over us and shout out love to him on our behalf. Ruined my night.

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