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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worth my vote.

Up to this point I could (and have) wrap up the season in one word: Eh.

I had no real favorites, I didn't really care who won/lost, and all I could blog about was who sucked the least. FINALLY the contestants are getting in their groove, and I have less and less to complain about. I even voted.

My opinion, worst to best:

Michael Sarver - I'm over you. I liked the roughneck gig, and I think you're probably a really nice guy. But you're not as good as you think you are.

Meaghan Joy - It PAINS me so much to say this. And I hope that she gets one more chance to maybe pick the right song. I love her, I do. But it was so bad tonight, Meaghan. And why did you end your performance with the "my fans will still be there" comment? Because, Meaghan, they might not be.

Scott - He's a good piano player. But he's not a good singer. And he turns EVERY song into a Christian Rock song. Which will be good for his career after Idol, because he's not going to get much farther.

Kris - Good thing you're good looking, kid. Because every performance is the same-old "trying to get my guitar to sound good with this song even though it doesn't as I stand here and look hot so the tweens will vote for me"

Danny Gokey - Move over folks, make room for Danny's huge head. My husband said he was cocky in Hollywood week and I was just blinded, but it's clear now. Did you not know they'd show the video of you saying "I'm going to take Smokey's advice because he's smarter than me" before you DIDN'T take Smokey's advice? I wish the judges weren't so rushed, because I would have killed to see them take you down a peg.

Anoop - While I still don't understand why he's a "heartthrob", I love what he's doing now. THIS is what you should have been doing instead of dancing around like MC Hammer.

Matt - He's climbing the ladder to the top at warp speed. This guy ROCKS. I loved his start behind the piano then get up and rock it out moves, and he really does have a kick @ss voice! And "Let's Get it On" ... Be still, my beating heart!

Lil Rounds - I love everything about her: her voice, her personality, her looks. Why the judges didn't give her positive feedback (except Paula, yay Paula) is beyond me. Except, I think that they held her to some sort of higher standard this week because she's black ... which pisses me off.

Allison - I was singing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" all night (much to my husband's chagrin). Even if she doesn't win this whole contest, she's going to have a career. This is the FIRST song I actually wanted to download from iTunes, and it's the FIRST time I've called to vote. I'm on team Allison, 100%.

Adam Lambert - This feels weird. He was absolutely amazing tonight! My favorite performance of the entire season, without a doubt. I wish he'd do this every week ... unique is one thing, weird and over-the-top is another. Ditch the weird, stick with the unique, and you might have just won yourself a fan.

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  1. I have watched Idol for years and this is by far the most boring season. I cannot find it in me to care about any of the contestants. In general, I agree with your evaluation of last night's performances.