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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh no! Ju'Not!

A moment for my favorite:
When they announced Jorge was America's pick I knew it was the end of the line for Ju'Not. The judges would have given a Wild Card spot to Jorge. But not to Ju'Not. I'm truly sad that he's done - I liked him a lot.

As for the 8 they DID pick, I'm not surprised. At. All.

My hope is that all of the guys (particularly Von) will bomb except Matt Girard. And that it'll be a clear choice for the judges.

Even though I didn't mind Anoop and Nick Braddy's prior performances, I'll go nuts if I have to watch their cruise-ship performances for more than one more week.

A concern, though ... my spy (read: husband) was stalking the AI message boards and there are, apparently, several Von supporters. Who knew?!?

And I don't really care about any of the girls except for Meaghan, who I've been pulling for since her 1st audition.

Jasmine and Jesse are fine, but I think they're sort of one-trick ponies and that gets old.

A concern, again ... my spy also noted that those who post on the AI message boards also like Tatiana ("close your eyes and listen and she's wonderful"). What?!?

This could be a weird and disappointing night, I'm afraid.

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