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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do we have 12 yet? Seriously.

I'm tired of watching boring/bad people perform.

The Good:

Ju'Not - The #1 thing you can do on AI to win my vote is to take a popular/catchy song and make it your own! I love the Plain White Tee's version, but it's skinny, white-boy, punk. Ju'Not slowed it down, made it soulful and it was awesome!

Lil Rounds - Blew everyone out of the water. Best performance of the night. Nay, probably of all 3 weeks. If she keeps it up, she'll have this whole contest in the bag. (Side note - I especially like her because while she's good, she's not a diva.)

The Eh:

Scott - I want to like. And I'm sure if he makes it and gets to play his piano I will like him. But tonight he bored me to tears.

Jorge - I do like. A lot, actually. I think he's one of the few contestants who is genuine in his desire to take the judge's criticism and improve to make a successful career. If he went through, I absolutely wouldn't be upset.

Alex - cracked me up. Now HE would be funny to watch in later shows. And he's NOT that bad of a singer.

The Ugly:

Von - I hate. Not only does he look like a troll doll, but he just gives me the straight-up creeps. My husband and I looked at each other in utter disbelief when the judges said they liked his performance. Clearly, they didn't see the same crap we did.

Everyone else, in my mind, isn't worth mentioning. They were not that good, they haven't won a spot in my heart, and I don't really care about them.

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