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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simply So Predictable.

OK, I'll accept that America sees something in Jorge I do not. Lil deserved her spot and I am happy about Scott even though KK thinks he is boring. I felt for Ju'not and Felicia Barton as I think they were good (well compared to the others).

Now for the Wild Cards. And an explanation of my title.

Von Smith? He didn't even excite the tweens with the pink cell phones but they are determined to find an Archie substitute. I thought Archie was passe last year and now they bring in a poor, no I mean awesomely poor, imitation of him. And while I don't hate him, his hair does look exactly like the troll dolls I played with as a kid.

Jasmine Murray? Well the kids bombed out this year so they are determined to get some youth in there. I don't know why they think she is so commercial. She stunk up the stage. That Jo Tone gal did better than she did (not that I think she should be back either).

The rest of the guys in the wild card I think I agree with. I recall thinking they were not getting a fair shake under the new format. Anoop is a bit old fashioned and Nick Braddy and Matt Giraud have potential. I guess I'm ok with them.

Tatiana was a given. The producers are like a dog with bone on wanting to continue drama. Simon's expression as she cried was priceless. He really loathes her and well...doesn't the the rest of America? She robbed Felicia Barton of a spot which sort of makes you wonder if maybe she took up some guys offer (as you recall there were many guys making this offer to her) and slept her way into the wildcard round. I'm thinking she found out who Joanna Pancitti's Idol producer's friends were and well....

I like Jesse and Megan because I like their bluesey voices. I hope Megan doesn't do her jerky dance tomorrow. I hope Jesse picks a good song with enough *range* to impress the judges.

My prediction on judges choice? Any of the guys except for Von (I think they actually might judge them on their performances tomorrow), Tatiana, and Jasmine. Because they are in the bag for Lil Rounds and heaven forbid America see another good female singer. Not that this is Lil's fault, mind you. I might like her if she sang a song I liked.

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