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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Blaming Kara!

Considering there was no way Adam was going away, I really did not have a person I wanted to see voted off. I was shocked it was Alexis. For this I blame Kara who worked so hard to *dirty her up* then threw her under the bus (probably pay back that Jasmine was gone that evil crone (Kara not Jasmine). Given the performances Tuesday night...and only those performances...America probably got the bottom 2 right. As much as I like Michael Sarver, I think of the two he should have gone as he has really only had one decent performance so far but there you go.

Right now, I like them all personally so its just going to be a show by show deal. I do wish Adam would fall out of love with his awesomeness.

KK pretty much agrees with me as we watched the show together last night. Now we are going shopping for pet toys and a picture frame.

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