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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Michael and Megan Mangle Motown

Yikes! I have to admit Megan was awful tonight. Why did she pick the one Motown Song sung by every Holiday Inn Lounge Singer, every wedding singer, every shower singer and well even every Singer sewing machine! Then she rushed it, growled the words...yikes! So many soft motown songs to sing and she tries to out belt Lil Rounds and Allison and it just isn't her deal! If she survives it will only be because of VFTW and I WANT her to survive because I want her to finally get a song pick right!

Michael wants so bad to be an up tempo singer but his voice only comes through on ballads so he crashed again tonight.

I think that these two are really showing both their performance and musical inexperience and its sad because they are likeable people with talent but definitely need some guidance that the others don't need.

Ok..as for the rest. I liked Matt a lot tonight. Less breathy. Maybe one or two over the top moments. Of course horny Kara couldn't wait to make a sex comment. Dear lord throw some cold water on that woman. She is an embarassment.

I keep forgetting about Chris until he sings and then I like him. I think that was a perfect song for him. He may be on my next favorites list.

Simon bashed Scott tonight and I really don't know why. Maybe I am just having sympathy for his blindness but I don't think so. I think he really is all about the music and he tried something new for him in the up tempo song. He is in the bottom 3 along with Megan and Michael according to DialIdol.com which predicted Alexis' demise last week.

Anoop was smart and stayed with his voice instead of jumping around. Now that he is not jumping around the judges want him to jump around next week.

Lil Rounds may end up one of my favorites as the rest keep messing up and getting voted off. I thought they were too hard on her for doing the classic version of Heat Wave. What...because she is black she was supposed to own the night? She did not want to mess with her own idols and I applaud her for that.

Danny Gokey did Danny Gokey and it was OK but Motown is probably not his thing.

And..surprise surprise. I am not bashing Adam tonite. I'm pretty sure he is following this blog and decided to honor the music instead of his awesomeness. A little too much falsetto but he did not camp up the song and ruin it for me. So while I did not vote for him I hope he learned from my construcive criticism and keeps it up because when he forgets himself he is awesome.

They had to give Allison the pimp spot after her nearly getting voted off last week. For some reason America has not warmed up to her and I don't know why. I Maybe it is because she is so young maybe it is because she doesn't do melissimatic posturing and big old high notes. I must confess I have not warmed up to her and I usually like those throaty rock lady contestants. Maybe she just seems TOO good for her age and it makes us uncomfortable or something. Dialidol has her in the top tier tonight which is probably where she belongs.

Megan/Michael is a toss up for tomorrow night. Although Scott looks a little precarious too.

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