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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Danny and His Heart and Some Bon Jovi Gossip

One of the posters on the Wichita Eagle's blog questioned whether Danny has some side deal with Lenscrafters as they are running a commercial using that heart shaped hands thing right now. I knew it came from a commercial but forgot it was lenscrafters which would be an obvious tie-in with Danny and he did have his glasses back on. Wouldn't it be rich if St. Danny had some sort of below the table deal with Lenscrafters? On the other hand, he was making the moves on that Christian singer a couple of weeks ago (not clear if he wanted to know her for professional or personal reasons) so maybe KK is right.

And, KK, I actually worked with Jon Bon Jovi's first cousin. His name was Joe Bon Giovi which is how they spell their name in real life and he was a doll. I'm sure you and Jon would have made a lovely couple but for the age difference!

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