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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is the rat pack like the brat pack??

Because Tee gave you insight into her background, I feel compelled to do the same:

Other than Frank Sinatra, I couldn't name one memember of the rat pack. After I heard the theme, I had to Wiki. I'd heard a few of last night's songs before, and I like them. But I would not have been able to tell you why they were from the rat pack era (or, if "the rat pack era" is even the accepted terminology) and I could not name another song or artist that should have been featured.

I, on the other hand, grew up with the brat pack. The copy-cat posse of 80s superstars with big bangs, tight-rolled pants, and fingerless gloves. God, I loved the 80s.

Performances, from worst to best ...

Matt - I've been a fan of his ... I tried really hard to like it - especially after he built himself up as some sort of jazz superstar ("I've studied this, this is my week, I'm all over this") - which was stupid. But it was absolutely horrible!!! I'm no classically trained musician, but even I could tell that it was "pitchy" (to quote Randy). More than "pitchy", it was just AWFUL to listen to. Please go home, Matt.

Gokey - I wanted to put him at the bottom this week because I can't stand this kid, but Matt's performance was just that bad. I will say that this wasn't the worst Gokey performance I've heard. But what's with all of this "the vocals were better than they've been during the past few weeks" crap the judges whipped out? I didn't hear one bit of bad criticism over the past few weeks ... should there have been? Is somebody telling the judges to hold the bad inside for this tool? And I think that heart he made with his hands at the end was for his new girlfriend who he has to keep secret because it would trump the dead-wife card he's been riding around on (my husband says I'm mean.)

Kris - I like him, a lot. I like his voice, I think he's cute. I love that he really HAS become the "dark horse" in this competition and I'm pulling for him to uproot Gokey and compete with Adam in the finals. But ...

Allison - Is absolutely amazing! I would buy that song - hell, a whole album of songs like it - NOW. She looked beautiful, she's been working on her quirky personality (to become more camera friendly), and she has the best voice of anybody on the show. ANYBODY.

Best of the night: Adam Lambert - this kid is going to make a fan of me, yet. Damn him. He is a performer, isn't he?!? From the grand entrance down the red staircase, to his fancy white suit ... and that 20 second note - which, by the way, was NOT yelling - gave me goosebumps. Randy called it Broadway and Simon correctly quipped "that's like criticizing a cow for mooing" ... it's been Broadway all along, Randy. Apparently, people like it. And ... gasp ... I'm becoming one of them.

A note of Jamie Foxx - I was JUST talking to my husband about the lack of mentors this season (actually, I was really just missing my Bon Jovi week - I was supposed to marry Bon Jovi, you know?). And out comes Jamie Foxx - of whom I'm a huge fan. And I think he was an awesome mentor, gave good advice to every contestant, and really did make the show interesting.

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  1. After reading Auntee and KK's rankings of last night's performances ---- I have to agree with ----(don't you hate when Simon does that) Tee. As both said, Matt was HORRIBLE, I couldn't believe Simon praised him. Danny was sickening as usual. Adam was in the middle for me; he's just too over the top. I LOVED Alison and Kris. They have been my favorites for weeks anyway, but I like the songs they chose (The Way You Look Tonight is one of my all-time favorites). I,too, should have been born earlier and agree with all of Tee's comments on that lifestyle except re cigarettes.