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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Think I Drank Paula's Koolaid

Well, I am a sappy sappy lady. I cried when Scott sang his last song. (I would bet that my sister did too). I know, I know, he wasn't that good of a singer but I think he is a very talented musician who just loved what he did. And, perhaps its because the last time I really listened to pop music on a regular basis was in the mid to late 1970's (I had a thing called a job for awhile and was a little too busy care about Nirvana and such) and thats when all the sappy crooners were singing. Like Billy Joel. Not that Scott is Billy Joel. But, someday, if he can write some good songs, he may surprise us.

Oh well, it was to the point where some people who you are attached to somewhat are going to leave. Eventually, it will just be Adam and Danny. Adam will never be David Cook to me but he is growing on me.

And Anoop was pretty good last night so he shouldn't have gone home on a good performance. Lil was awful but she has been for weeks. Maybe this will scare her into singing a song the judges like. I doubt it though. I just think she really isn't as good as the judges thought she was. I'm pretty sure she was the one they would have saved.

And I love Paula for being as sappy as me. And, I think I'm not going to be so mean about Kara anymore either because I think she was rooting for Scott tonight too.

I got kind of sarcastic today on the boards when one guy was going on and on about why can't they be as mean to Scott as the other contestants (I think they have been as hard on him) and criticized his clothes. I was like...well its not like he can actually SEE what he is going to wear or how they are styling his hair! He cannot SEE the latest magazines or WATCH the latest videos to see what is with it and what isn't.

Anyway, I wish he had had time to say something but I'm glad Paula sent him off nicely, in sharp contrast to Simon's send off to Megan last week.

The rumor is that next week is Disney songs. Too bad for Lil. Mary J. Blige hasn't sung any Disney as far as I know. She will probably sing that song from Mulan. I don't know its name.

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