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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nobody to cheer for.

Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with this season's group, in general. I don't really have a favorite to cheer for every week, and I don't really even like watching most of the performances.

Adam - best performance of the night. I know I bitch about him almost every other week. But here's why: the kid clearly can rock-it. He's got mad talent, he's got the potential to be awesome. So, the screeching hurts me even more because I know he doesn't have to do it. He absolutely deserved that standing ovation last night, and about 1,000 more.

Allison - she's SO GOOD. Kara hit the nail on the head when she said that Allison took a painful, adult song and made it young and fresh and age appropriate! She's better than Lil, she's better than pretty much all of the guys. Yet, she really isn't getting the love from America. I don't know why, at all. Because I think she's amazing. And I have no doubt that she'll be making ridiculous records after she loses Idol.

Matt - I like Stevie, I like Matt. But Matt singing Stevie wasn't as awesome as I thought it should be. But, he was still my 3rd favorite. Whether that says something about him - or about the other contestants - I don't know.

Anoop - should only be allowed to sing ballads forever. I loved what he did, I love his voice, and I love that he apologized to Kara. I don't care why he did it, I think he's genuinely a nice guy and was really worried that America won't LIKE him - not his voice, HIM. Which I do. I like him.

Everybody else is tied for last place:

Lil - looked like she was going to cry when they were giving her negative comment after negative comment. And I don't blame her. But I don't blame the judges either. I really liked you Lil! Why are you not singing Mary J like they say?

Kris - I loved him last week, but this week was horrible. I felt like I was at a High School Musical play or something - where the "heartthrob" throws himself in the middle of a bunch of screaming girls and "plays" a song on his guitar while doing the sexy-face. Not good. Not good at all.

Gokey - seriously sucks. First, he screws with Stand By Me, which nobody should really do. Especially if they're going to make it horrible. I'm no music major, but even I could tell he was having pitch problems. Why the judges continue to lick him up is beyond me. I can't stand the kid.

Scott - deserves his spot on vote for the worst. He's SO bad. I literally laughed out loud when he started "playing" the electric guitar. His "punk" side sounded more Christian Rock than ever (again, not that there's anything wrong with Christian Rock - but don't try to convince the judges that you're "diverse", because you're anything but.) If he doesn't leave tonight, I might have to stop watching until he does. Absolutely horrible.

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