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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crystals' to Lose

For sure. She's got this competition in the bag, if she just keeps doing what she's doing. The girl is amazing! I love everything about her - from her crazy hair, to her bad teeth, to her adorable little boy. While I don't think it was as great as her CCR performance last week, she killed Tracy Chapman.

My other favorite tonight was Siohban. I remember my father used to listen to that song, too (something about those old hippies, I guess). And I love how she changed it up. The beginning was haunting to me, she built it up slowly, and she killed the end. Amazing!

I don't want to talk about Lilly today because I love her, I do. But she wasn't good last night. I agree with Tee about her looking like a wind-up doll and sounding like a baby. Why did she ruin a perfectly good Patsy Cline song? Please come back again Lilly. (She will. The judges clearly love her.)

I'm giving a comeback performance award to Didi. I agree with Tee that her "story" is comparable to Gokey's and we hate that here. But her soulful rendition of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon gave me goosebumps. I downloaded it. And we all know that's how I judge a good performance - if I buy it later.

I'm over Katelyn. I liked her last week, but that's the only time I've liked her. She looked like a weird little puppet dancing around the piano to Carol King. She does have pretty hair though.

And on the "she's got pretty going for her" note, I like Lacey, but not enough to go to the top 12. Her song last night was the best she's done by far, I agree with Kara on that. And she's gorgeous. That's all I can say.

I do feel a little sorry for Katie. She IS taking the judge's comments and doing what they're suggesting. She's trying. And I think that's her problem: she's so young she has no idea who she is or what she likes to sing. She wants to be a star so bad that she'll just do whatever somebody tells her to do. And in this competition, original wins.

And Paige. Oh, Paige had me and my husband cracking up last night. The reason Smile was bad is because she got emotional in the middle of it reflecting on Michael Jackson's death! That's hysterical!! Look, I get it. I grew up with Michael Jackson, too. It's sad that he's dead. But I don't cry over it in my every day life and I certainly wouldn't let it ruin my opportunity to be a star. It was just a horrible song choice, a horrible performance. I'm glad it'll probably be her last week.

I don't really care who goes home as long as Crystal, Siohban, and Lilly stay. And I'd kind of like to see Didi again.

I think Lacey and Paige might be on the way out. Maybe Katelyn. I think Katie is safe because she strikes me as the type to have a big supportive base of fans.

Oh, and the girls ARE much better than the boys.

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