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Thursday, March 18, 2010

"I'm doing this for my people"

The only good thing about last night's show was the return of the-man-I-would-leave-my-husband-for ripping through Jumping Jack Flash. Now THAT'S how you do a Rolling Stones song. He's amazing, isn't he? And I love what celebrity has done for him - he looked so good.

Coming in a distant 2nd was Big Mike's obnoxious bragging about his self-inflated fan base: "I'm just doing this for my people" . It's like we're literally watching his head get bigger and bigger each week.

No shock about the bottom 3 or Lacey's exit.

I did feel a little sorry for Ellen when Ryan asked her if any of them were worth saving. She tried so hard not to just blurt out "no way".

And we all knew that Eyebrows and Katie would stick around. I think Tweens shouldn't be allowed to vote. My daughter will NOT be voting when she's a Tween, unless she votes for the person I like. Tweens ruin everything.

I suppose I could make one comment on Ke$ha's pre-taped dance/lip-synching routine. Blah Blah sounds just like Tick Toc - both are only fun when you're drunk at a Bachelorette party in LoDo (what?), and I'm still holding out hope that she'll be a one-hit wonder and fade away like Milli Vanilli.

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