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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They're No Good...

or so Simon said about all but Crystal tonight. And for the most part he was correct. KK said it all about Miley Cyrus who I had never heard sing until she sang The Climb on Idol last year and I thought...*wow...she really does suck, doesn't she?*. However, she was fine tonight, for the most part, despite looking like a hooker in her black shorts jumpsuit and black hose. I found it interesting that several of the contestants felt the need to justify her being their mentor on the basis of her hit albums and all her experience, despite her age. I think they were a little taken aback too. And, thank goodness they changed the theme from *Teen Idol NIght* to Billboard #1 night...not that it helped most of them.

OK... here we go.

Lee DeWyze sings The Letter. (I can remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard that song when I was 17 and driving west on Central to Tyler Road on my way home from some school event). I thought it was his best performance yet, he changed up the song and I thought came out of his shell to a point we haven't seen before. I was surprised at Simon's comments. I think he wanted him to sing something more current and edgy. Still...I would rank it among the top 3 or 4 tonight.

Paige... Take a Look At me Now. I cried when she sang (well I got tears in my eyes anyway) and not in a good way. I just felt so sorry for her. She was so terrible. She really cannot control her nerves which means she cannot control her voice. If she isn't gone this week it will be a miracle. But the thing is, as she gets worse and worse every week, I like her personally more and more. What a happy soul she seems to be!

Tim Teflon Urban. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Well its a crazy little thing you are still on this show Tim. Your Elvis at his fattest imitation didn't endear you to me. Grabbing girls hands and going into the *tween pit* just made you look stupid. Good on Kara for calling you on that over the top nonsense. Blah Blah chunks to you!

Aaron sings I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. I'm pretty sure KK missed your performance tonight. Ryan called him David Archuleta tonight. I would say David Archuleta minus about 50% of David Archuleta's talent. It was OK. The judges never hate on him so he's going through with flying colors to the tour.

Crystal Bowersox and Me and Bobby McGee. Written by Kris Kristofferson and made a hit by Janis Joplin. All of Crystal's fans wanted her to sing it, including me and I am so glad she did. It is in my top 10 best songs ever written of all time list. As she let go on the chorus I got tears in my eyes in a good way because she just seemed so joyful singing it. I haven't heard the Pink version so don't know if she covered that or not (Simon sometimes doesn't know what he is talking about there). I cannot imagine anyone other than Janis doing it any better and my only regret was she had to cut the song short to fit the time frame. I think Ellen and Kara were a little off base about her not connecting with the audience. I think she is just not someone who is fakey fakey lovey dovey with anyone. I can relate to that and so can a certain niece of mine called M. I just wish we could sing and play like her too.

Ok...was there anyone else that sang tonight?

Oh...BM practically stopped up the stool tonight with his over the top version of When A Man Loves A woman.

Andrew was just sad in a Paige way. Face it judges, he took his Hollywood Straight Up straight off of You Tube and that was his moment of glory. Myley was right to get him out from behind the guitar but what a strange song choice for him. Do a ballad Andrew.

Katie does an age appropriate song dressed in tight black clothes like Miley Cyrus wears. I think Fergie stinks so I really was not impressed with Katie and Big Girls Don't Cry. Maybe if she had sung the original Big Girls Don't Cry it would have been more interesting to me.

Casey...and The Power of Love. Casey leaves me lukewarm. At least he didn't go into the tween pit. Also liked that he said he was a fan of Miley's father (although that is pretty sad too).

Didi. I don't like her and wanted her to fail but had no idea she would fail so epically. You may or may not believe me when I say I wrote in my notes that she was doing a slinky version of the song and then my opinion was ratified by Kara's comments. It was too coy, coquettish and she acted like she would go back to the jerk any minute. That is not the way Linda sang it. Linda is a dame. You are not. So go back to singing songs about flowers and stuff.

And now for the sainted Siobahn. At least it wasn't a dark song but her screaming stuff is getting old. I don't hate her but she is getting to be less of a dark horse and more of a caricature. Just sing lady. Has anyone told you that Adam Lambert didn't win last year? Still, have to love a girl who wears glasses.

So..my guess is that Paige will go. I wish it would be Tim Urban after the pit antics, but it will probably be Paige.

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