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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I Shocked?

I would have been shocked if I hadn't heard earlier that tonight was going to be a shocker (Ryan mentioned it on his radio show according to reports on the AI boards). And I was a little worried for Crystal.

And I am shocked that Big Mike is still safe. I'm beginning to feel like Henry II with Thomas Becket....to paraphrase...Will no one rid meof this troublesome (fat, arrogant, camera hogging, insincere) contestant? Are the judges happy they used the save on Big Mike or are they sorry now that Siobahn is gone. Hard to tell. Siobahn had drama...BM has cheesy. I know I am sorry they wasted the save on Big Mike. Take away the stupid save next year.

Siobahn's fans are outraged because a blogger at a site called mightysidolblog.com assured everyone that Siobahn was 100% safe. He claims to have inside information on the total number of phone votes cast for each contestant this week. According to him, Siobahn had the highest number of phone votes, followed by Casey, followed by Aaron, followed by Crystal with Lee and BM bringing up the rear. He cautions this does not include text votes. After the news of a shocker result this week, he double checked with his *source* who told him that even with text voting, Siobahn was 100% safe.

So, with the word of some guy on the internet who they don't know, about what a source they don't know told him, they are claiming the show is rigged. To tell you the truth, the thought briefly crossed my mind only because BM and Aaron are still there and I have no clue who is voting for them.

But then rationality prevailed. The management company, 19, doesn't care one whit about the contestants as people....they just want to make money. Which I think is fine. I'm in favor of businesses making money and employing people and all that. Considering that probably the only people who will actively seek out and purchase the Idol's cds are AI viewers (because no one else has heard of these people until they are on the radio), it would be ludicrous for them to send home the contestant that most of the viewers are voting for. Oh, I'm sure they have in mind who they think that will be when the season starts. And I would even go so far to say that the judges know who the producers think will be big and judge accordingly. And I would even go further to say that as the season progresses, the producers adjust their opinion according to the votes. But send someone home who is getting more votes than someone else? I think not.

No...I think the more likely explanation is that while Siobahn's fans loved her madly, the rest of America's ears hurt when she hit her money note. And that the blogger calling himself Mighty (who claimed to be a Siobahn fan) had his own agenda and may just be pulling numbers out of his posterior and laughing at the schmucks who take his word as gospel.

Anyway, I was so relieved Crystal was safe, I didn't focus on the entertainment much tonight. I don't know if I like Shakira or not or that other group that was not Rascal Flatts and not the one who Carrie Underwood introduced. It seemed to me like the sound mix was off and everyone was singing very softly tonight. Or maybe my hearing is going. I did like Shakira's skirt! If I were 23 again, I would want one of my own!

Next week is Sinatra week. I love Harry Connick, Jr. Let's hope Crystal makes a better song choice this week. If BM sings My Way, I will not only throw up 2x like KK did for Aaron last night, I will projectile vomit at the screen. Since I have been cleaning up cat vomit for days, I sincerely hope I don't have to clean up my own.

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