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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle of the Belters Leaves Auntee Cold

Ryan asks: Who do you Love? No one enough to do more than put in a cursory vote or 2. I believe its going to be a man's year once again. Probably a WGWG (White Guy With Guitar).

My review of the performances in order:

Ta Tynisha: Ta Ta Ta Tynisha. I had never heard that song and your version doesn't inspire me to want to hear it again. You warbled and you hurt my ears. I think Steven and JLo were just trying to be nice. Randy was right...except I don't think it was *just OK*. I think it was not ok. And I hate your hair. You are a pretty girl but no one would know it with that horrible hair. I have no problem with an Afro but get it our of your FACE!

Naima: Beautiful woman. She took on Summertime (which Fantasia supposedly made unsingable for anyone else) and I appreciated that she did it in an upbeat way as opposed to Fantasia's mournful wail. Randy said it was loungy but I liked it. I doubt anyone else did. She will be punished for singing *Fantasia's Song*. Too bad as I find her interesting.

Kendra: I wanted to hear her as the little we heard during Hollywood week I thought showed promise. I wasn't moved. Too much belting and yelling.

Rachel Zevita: Boy she screwed the pooch big time. The range was too low for her, she didn't look authentic with all her faux vampy moves and she was justly panned. Bye Rachel. I sort of liked her too but that was really...not...good.

Karen Rodgriguez: If you are going for votes sing Mariah. Smart song choice. Smarter still to mix it up with the Spanish. I do like her personality and she makes no bones about wanting to sing with a Latina flavor. Unlike Tatiana Del Toro (who hid her accent until she thought it might get her some votes and then went all Penelope Cruz on us) Karen says I'm Latina and I'm proud. Good for her. She sang that song no better than any other Mariah Carey wanna be I have heard on this show over the years but I do like he personality.

The Other Lauren: No one knows about her because she is not THE Lauren who Steven loves. I liked her but not so much the song. I may vote once or twice for her but it will be futile.

Ashton Jones: Just when Jacob Lusk makes me think I like R&B, along comes Ashton and makes me hate it again. Enough said.

Julie Zorilla: Your better off singing Mariah than Kelly, Carrie or Fantasia, and Julie paid the price with the judges comments. She is toast I fear. I didn't think she was so bad but the judges hated her.

Haley Reinhardt: I was looking forward to her too and was ultimately disappointed. What is with these songs that I don't like? Without this format, she might have sung another day and won over some fans with a better song but I'm afraid she is a goner too.

Thia Megia: Very smart move to start off acapello, very smart age appropriate song choice and she sang it well. Dammit. I don't like her smart little ass. She is David Archuleta all over again...planted in the show from her time on America's Got Talent and probably has insufferable stage parents too. I think she is as cold as ice.

Lauren Alaina: Well this little smart aleck could fart on stage and get good reviews from the judges. I don't like her either and thought her performance was underwhelming. At least Thia can sing.

Pia Toscano: Belter extraordinaire and thats what the judges want this season (no more Crystal Bowersox's for them thank you very much). I thought the song was fine and once again a smart choice because nearly everyone, including musically stupid me, has heard it. I thought she hit a couple of bad loud notes but she got a standing O from the judges. To me it wasn't Adam's Mad World or Crystal's People Get Ready or even close to them. Maybe I just don't like belters. Still, if she knocks of Thia Megia and Lauren Smart Aleck, I will be happy.

Predictions for Top 5 (without cheating and going to Dial Idol): Pia, Thia, Lauren A, Karen and probably Ashton. Which means I won't be voting for a girl this season. I really don't love any of them. In fact, Auntee is in a very cranky mood because she was NOT entertained tonight.

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