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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update From Dial Idol

Dial Idol (dialidol.com)Bold is not always accurate on the placings, but is usually accurate when it gives someone a green and it looks like Scotty McCreary was American's favorite last night. Surprising to me, Stefano got a pretty high placement and it look like Casey Abrams may be in some trouble. I'm thinking I have overestimated Brett's appeal to the voters...I thought since he was the classic underdog and had been such a nice guy and did a decent job, he would attract a lot of votes but not according to Dial Idol. Surprisingly, it looks like Jordan Dorsey got a good share of votes. Clint Dung, however, was at the bottom of the Dial Idol pack. However, unless your green on that site, anything can happen, so we will see.

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