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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earning their keep

So, the producers told the judges to actually do. their. jobs.  Too bad it was at the expense of some really talented girls!

Chelsea Sorrel - I'm BURNT OUT on country.  Just done already.  But ya know, ya'll, she wasn't 1/2 bad (when she was singing.)  When she was talking, was she speaking a different language, because I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

Erika Van Pelt - If you're gonna take on Heart, you'd better rock it or face my wrath.  The song was just too big for her.  Adele, Randy?  Are you high? 

Jennifer Hirsch - The judges are, indeed, high if THIS is the performance they're going to fawn all over tonight.  Was it Eban's butchering of Adele?  Far from.  But was she the "greatest singer in the competition this year"?  Um, no.  

Brielle Von Snookie - The only thing that could've saved this song would've been Heejun doing something funny instead of just sitting next to her pretending to jam.  And was that a hypercolor dress?  Ug. Ly.

Hallie Day - Maybe JLo was right and there were a few places where she lost a bit of control.  But Steven Tyler was MORE right about her soulful old-timey voice.  Absolutely want to hear more of her!

Skylar Laine - Isn't she a cute little thing?  She's not country 'cause it's cool, she's country because she's country.  And she's hands-down the best "country" girl AI's got this season!  What a fun performance, says the blogger who hates country!

Baylie Brown - Country Barbie sings Amazed ("I'm trying so hard to be country, but this is the only country song I know") HORRIBLY.  She's in the top 24 because of her looks, apparently? 

Hollie Cavanaugh - What kind of accent is that?  NOT a Texas one.  There was 1 good note there at the end, it was decent when she was belting, but the rest was kinda crappy.

Haley Johnsen - Wow, that was bizarre.  And, um, really bad.  But the judges couldn't even come up with a tiny bit of decent commentary?  They threw everyone else a bone.  She's pretty - They could've gone with that old stand-by. 

Shannon Magrane - Nice mansion.  Nice Toddlers & Tiaras ballgown.  Nice pagenty song choice.  And the judges ate it up?!  "What you've been through in your life to life to give you such passion?"  Did you not see her mansion?  Her biggest struggle is being 6' tall.  Put me right next to Auntee on the "I hate her" couch!  Please, please go away.

Jessica Sanchez -  This felt like a weird combo between high school musical and karaoke.  But a standing O from the judges?  The crowd chanting?  "Best of the last 2 nights"?  Apparently I missed something.

Elise Testone - Enough. With. Adele. Already.  (The same song twice in the same night?  Hello, quality control?)  Of all those who tried it, she's the only one who did it justice.  Plus, I liked her hair piece.  She's actually my favorite of the night.

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