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Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want

But this is what we got.

Thank you Jimmy Iovine for speaking the truth to the judges power tonight.  He was on the money on almost every contestant. Of course, he agrees with ME on nearly all of them.  I don't think Phil Phillips is all that unique...he is much like David Cook/Kris Allen...which is fine but not revolutionary.  And, I think he undersold Creighton and oversold Shannon Magrone.

One thing I am getting that I want is KK's posts!  I love them!  All the songs and artists I've never heard of she knows all about. (I guess I will have to go listen to *Moves Like Jagger* done by someone besides Reed Grimm now) And comparing Diandre to Sanjaya?  Priceless! 

I've got two or three issues tonight and don't know where to start.  First of all, Dialidol.com was a complete fail or the show is indeed rigged.  So, I won't be linking to it on the blog unless they start getting more accurate.  The only one of the top 5 guys it predicted correctly was Jermaine.  I do think Jermaine's votes were the reason the judges finally started judging, though.  He was NOT in Nigel's cards.   I was so looking forward to Colton leaving but I guess its better to have him in than Eben or Adam Gokey Brock, both of whom DI called safe.  Dialidol did not predict any of the girls safe, but had Brielle with the most votes so I'm glad it was wrong about her.

America's choices were pretty much on par with what I think should have happened except for Migraine and Creighton.  Migraine is a big self-absorbed baby ala Adam Brock.  I know she is only 16, but breaking down and sobbing is something I don't  ever recall any contestant doing while waiting for the results.  She's not used to not getting what she wants when she wants it. I loved how Jimmy criticized her *prom dress*, even if he was too easy on her performance.  He read my mind!  

HeJun's selection was a bit of a surprise to me.  Evidently a lot of people agreed with KK on his performance.  I like the guy but thought he wasn't that great but then...who would I have put in his place up there?  Creighton, I guess, but I'm not going to get all wee weed up about it.  Also, his comment when asked what he thought about Jimmy referring to Idol not needing a comedian was, I think, misunderstood by Ryan.  I think when HeJun said *whose that?*, he meant who is Jimmy referring to and not who is Jimmy Iovine.  But he may have dug a deeper hole with Iovine when he was already in up to his neck. 

The judges completely wasted 10 minutes of everyone's time tonight when they called for Brielle and Reed to be in the sing off.  I thought Steven didn't look too happy about calling Brielle's name to begin with.  Then she steps up, hugs Ryan like she had already won, and utterly, and very publicly failed...singing ADELE. I think even the judges knew they had mucked up the entire program at this point as her performance was so awesomely awful.   I would have liked to hear Hallie Day sing instead, but evidently KK and I are the only people in the universe who even remembered her.  The judges compounded the stupidity by asking Reed Grimm to sing.  He  did this really stupid stupid performance...trying to gin up the audience and looking for hands to touch in the crowd, while he crouched and scatted on the stage.  And by scat...I'm thinking of monkey scat...not jazz scat.  I'm surprised they didn't have to bring out a shovel to clean up the mess he deposited at Ryan's feet.

What is with the Diandre love?  I guess Steven likes him because he sings high but he really leaves me cold.  I get the impression that he leaves Jimmy lukewarm.  

Jeremy Rosado was doing fine by me until he milked the moment by his over long hugging of the judges...although Ryan brought that on.  I didn't even mind his Tebowing but thought that was sufficient emotion, even for him.  I still like him as a person and maybe I will like his music more as time goes by.  I'm not sorry he made it to the top 13 particularly if it means Adam is gone.

Its too bad about Jenn Hirsch but of the two performances of the SAME  ADELE song, Elise performed it better.  Also, I think Erika deserved the spot as much as Jenn.  Just wish we could trade in Migraine.  OR..here is a novel thought..how about 2 women wildcards instead of 2 men?  I seriously don't think that even occurred to the judges. 

About Hollie's English accent.  I didn't remember this at first, but then remembered when she auditioned last year that her family is from Liverpool, England and that they moved to McKinney, Texas a few years before she first auditioned.  McKinney, Texas is a town I know well.  It about a 20-30 minute drive from where I lived in Plano and I actually got my Texas driver's license there because its a small enough suburb of Dallas you don't have to wait for 5 hours to get to the window.  I even had to take a driver's road test in McKinney and the nice lady was very forgiving when I had to try to parallel park twice.  Its downtown is very old with a square and lots of antique shops and I shopped there on more than one occasion and bought several things that are still among my favorite things and won't be going in my garage sale.  But, I digress.  Just wanted to clarify that Hollie is not doing a Madonna and faking an English accent.

So, overall, I am pretty happy with the results.  I do not have a favorite. Which is a relief because I really think I cannot go through the angst I did when I was obsessed with Crystal and voted 2 hours straight on my ancient cell phone.

Next week promises to be painful.  I cannot remember any contestant doing justice to Stevie Wonder.  Maybe you can.  As for Whitney Houston...WHY??????
Yes, she is dead. Yes, she was a great singer.  But it will be no tribute to her to have these girls do overwrought mediocre versions of her songs.  The person who dares tackle the Dolly song *And I Will Always Love YOUUUUU* will earn my emnity forever and be mocked for the rest of the season.  The only person I ever want to hear sing that song again is Dolly. (And I really hope Whitney didn't record *Hallelujah*).  On that note, please no more Adele songs...OK? 


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