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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update On The Girls

I'm posting this before tonights results just to see how accurate I am.  Dialidol.com came up undecisive, but amazingly, Snookie appears to have received the highest number of votes.  I'm praying this is a terrible glitch on dialidol's part but if she makes the top 5 on votes don't be surprised.  At that point my venom will shift away from Shannon Magrone (who appears not to have struck a huge chord with anyone much to my surprise) and toward Snookie. 

The idol forums are now open (sort of) and based on what people are saying, I'm thinking the ones going through on votes will be:  Brielle (sadly); Jessica Sanchez (good); Skylar (good); Hollie (good); and either Elise Testone or Jenn Hirsch.  My girl Hallie Day has received NO comments good or bad and I think she has just disappeared into oblivion unless Steven saves her with a Wild Card. 

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