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Monday, March 5, 2012

You, my dear, are no Whitney Houston

Auntee and I have spent YEARS despising egotistical contestants who think they can do Whitney Houston justice.  The judges most often agree with us that there are just some artists that can't be re-done (ex Mariah, Celine).  

The script has been flipped this week in what I view as, quite frankly, a thinly veiled attempt to weed out the remaining female contestants.

Fact:  It's been 5 seasons since a female won AI.  FIVE. 

(Know who also sang a whole lotta Stevie Wonder that year?)

I digress.

This week the Top 6 females must not only do Whitney justice, but also make sure they're honoring her memory appropriately.  Tough.  Impossible.

Meanwhile, the men are handed an overflowing song list to choose from.  Stevie Wonder has been covered ad nauseum on AI.  Last season on Motown night alone 3 of the 11 contestants nailed their performances, thanks to their Stevie songs.  Hell, Stevie's graced the stage, himself, multiple times since 2006. 

I don't suppose a girl has the option of selecting a Stevie song?  Can a guy do a Whitney song?  Somehow I doubt this group of kids will be that creative this early - but the contestant who does will win my favor.

So, sit back and relax this week, gentlemen, the judges will brush your hair gently while speaking softly in your ears.  Again.

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