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Thursday, April 12, 2012

America to Jessica Sanchez: Not Into You!

Well for once, Ryan delivers on his empty promises of a shocking results night.  Bibi isn't going home but the bloom is off and the judges have to use the save.  America doesn't like her as well as TPTB thought they would. And America just gave the judges a big fat up your hiney vote. They don't like the pimping of Joshua and Jessica (really...that Standing O for Joshua was just too much) and they don't like Hollie bashing.   I'm convinced there was a huge backlash against the judge's treatment of Hollie last night.  I thought the backlash would hurt Elise (and it clearly didn't help her) but it seems to have drawn votes away from Jessica too.  And I DON'T think the judges would have saved Elise in spite of what Steven said about *using our card tonight with results like this*.

But maybe, just maybe, Bibi's elimination was not just a product of Hollie backlash.  Maybe America is as bored with her as they were with Pia last season.  *Perfect* can get boring.  She did sing a song which is not well known which probably hurt her but she was bound and determined to sing it.  On second listening (someone said she almost fell off the piano and I had to rewatch to see that) it wasn't quite as cat meowing as I first thought.  But I agree with KK, it was oversung.  Sitting on the piano was cheese on toast and she was dressed like a cheap whore. Its interesting that in years past with a contestant this young, the judges usually comment *you need to sing younger songs* *you need to dress younger*.  Not with Miss Perfect Jessica/Bibi...they are perfectly content for her to look like a 2 bit lounge singer/soiled dove looking for her next john.  Or maybe Tiger Mother is behind that look.

It looked like the other Idols were glad she was saved but somehow I think if she went home there wouldn't be as many tears as there were for Deandre. Of course they knew she would be saved so its probably not fair to say that.  I'm not saying Bibi is a B...but I suspect her tiger mother keeps her isolated from the group so as not to have her talent *contaminated* and works Bibi's ass to death.  And for those who think she had a perfectly normal childhood...Bibi said it herself...she has been working hard all of her life.  Mama and Daddy and the 120 relatives saw a meal ticket early and all the chips are riding on her.

Onto the rest of the show.  James Durbin looked great and its nice to hear his wedding went off as planned with Stefano as his best man..even if Casey was late.  His song was written by him to his wife.  Somehow I think I have heard the beginning melody before complete with eerie echos back in the 60's or 70's and I'm hoping he doesn't have a plagiarism suit on his hands.  Nice to see he is doing well.

As for Jennifer Hudson...I guess losing weight has made her want to do all sorts of trendy/rappy songs and I like the old Jennifer better (although I'm happy for her that she is thin).  I don't know why Neo had to join the party tonight but at least he wasn't completely rapping.   I don't even know who the heck Neo is.  Maybe he never raps. 

On a style note...it appears that padded shoulders may be making a comeback.  Jessica wore them last night and Jennifer Hudson wore them tonight and Khloe Kardashian was photographed in them earlier this week. 

This blogger is happier than a pig in slop tonight at the Judge's comeuppance.  *Hoist by their own petards* comes to mind. 

Of course, this means that next week, the Standing Oafs will be standing up before Jessica and Joshua sing a note, finally start mildly critiquing Colton and Phillip, be ho hum about Skylar, tell Elise she is losing it again, and actually BOOOO Hollie.   Self-centered jackholes! 

Updated to add:  Just read KK's post.  PLEASE I hope she is wrong about the conspiracy. 



  1. lol accept the fact that jessicas great that even though she loose she is still better thats why randy said vote for the best hahaha

    i think you're just mad because you're kid wasn't doing well.

    1. I didn't say Jessica was loose. I said they had her dressed up like a loose woman!

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  3. American - I deleted your post today because, although I agreed with most of your comments about being American and America's likes and dislikes, I cannot get on board with your sexually explicit language about my 2 year old daughter. You can rag on Auntee and I all you want, even telling us to Fuck Off.
    And because I put my daughter out there, you can even tell her to Fuck Off. But I draw the line at sexually explicit language directed at a 2 year old.
    Feel free to repost the rest of your comment again and I'm happy to let it stand.