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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Idol - Making a DVR Mandatory

It's Thursday night, I'm currently recording the results show on my trusty DVR, and I'm fastforwarding through a majority of last night's show.

I just can not commit 2 hours to AI.  Especially when a majority of those 2 hours are excessive clapping/screaming for contestants/judges that I don't like, and/or watching Tommy Hillfiger show contestants closets full of clothes that none of them will ever wear and talk to them about "style" while he's been wearing the same polo and blazer for the past 6 episodes.

Skylar - I loved her take on Kellie Pickler, and the song choice was a perfect mix of jumping-around-country and ballad-country.  

Colton - MrKK liked it, but didn't understand what all the "outside of the box" talk was.  I really like Love the Way You Lie, as originally done, not as Colton done.  

I agree with Auntee that the clip about Elise faux-bossing Phil around isn't going to help her reputation.  Gotye is my favorite right now!  But these two karaoked it.
Jessica sings a song making fun of people with speech impediments.  I'm going to hell, but I laughed every single time she sang "st, st, studdering".  I know that's the song, but it was hysterical!  Also, could she get more loungy?  She didn't even get off the piano.  Oh, and OVERSUNG (do I even have to type that each week?  It's just a given right?)  And what's the deal with "feed her hamburgers?"  She's too small now, Akon and Jimmy?  Can a woman not get a break?  Too big, too small, too tall ...  The judges talked to her forever, too.  MrKK left the room, came back with candy, and said, "they're still talking to her?"

Jacob sang some Bruno Mars song that I'd never heard of.  I appreciated him leaving the excessive runs out (it wasn't gospely at all), but it wasn't worth the praise the judges gave him.

Skylar and Colton sing another karaoke duet.  Can't we just cut the show down to an hour?!?

Hollie's adorable parents are back - maybe I'm slap-happy tonight, but should she be singing a song called Perfect when her accent prevents her from pronouncing the word "perfect"?  Not an issue during the song, though, and this was my favorite performance of the whole night!!  She re-did this arrangement, made it her own, tailored it to fit her voice and her style, and I loved it!  JLo says she sung beautifully and that she's rooting for her, but it was a totally backhanded compliment.  Steven and Randy don't know what the hell they're talking about.  Based on this, I already know exactly what the 3 of them will say to Elise, too.

Phil - Shave already!  You look like a frat boy in the middle of hell-week.  Or a hobo.  I'm not anti-facial hair, unless that facial hair looks like pubic hair.  Gross.  His song sounds just like every single other song he's ever sung, but for some unexplicable reason (*the fix is in*) the judges didn't like it this time.

Trio sings.  Nobody says a damn thing about Jessica's pitch issues, shocker.  Also, I would love to take Jacob to a club for a night.  How fun would he be to get drunk and dance with?

Elise tries to sing Haley's song.  Sorry, Elise, it's just too soon and nowhere near as good.  Worst song Elise has ever done, but the judges ate it up (which just confirms that their comments are dictated by something other than the performances.)  Maybe the fact that Jason Segal is a fan will get her some votes.

Bottom 3:  Hollie, Skylar and Elise

Going home:  Hollie, hands-down (unfortunately)


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