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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conspiracy Theory: Sanchez' Vote Out Staged by Idol Producers

The most shocking part of the whole shocking night:

Jessica Sanchez pretends to be shocked when the judges save her.

Apparently Auntee and I aren't two tone-deaf, jealous old biddies with a grudge against a tiny little Fillipino girl and her stage parents after all.  Looks like there are at least a few other people in America who agree with us.  


This whole shocking voting out of Jessica Sanchez is a fix by the producers to guarantee her fans make up for the scare by voting her right into the finale.  

I'm going to go on record right now:  Jessica Sanchez' faux vote-out just secured her a spot in the finale. 

As for the non-shocking parts of the night:

1.  MrKK and I laughed through the entire group performance.  They should go back to the lipsynching because it's not supposed to be funny, right?  Oh wait, Seacrest just jumped in, maybe it was all a big joke!

2.  Ryan is drunk tonight.

3.  We fast forwarded through all but 10 seconds of James Durbins' song.  He lost me at the special microphone that made him sound like a machine. 

4.  I love Jennifer Hudson, and I dug her and Ne-yo's song Think Like a Man.

5.  Colton asks for a standing ovation.  And he'll get it next week (JLo: "we haven't stood for you? but you're baby of the week!")

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