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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One unjaded judge - Nicky was right

I'm so far behind on my AI watching that I just, last night, watched "the brawl" between Nicky and Mariah.

Nicky was right.

Randy and Mariah (and, to a lesser extent, Keith) WERE bullying that contestant into embracing the country genre when she'd clearly just said she'd "done" country and wanted to be more soulful.

You're at an AI audition.

Judge:  What kind of music do you do?  You have to pick a genre.  What kind of artist are you?  You must know.

You:  Soul

Judge:  But, you have a twang.  You sound country.  Why don't you sing country?  You like country, don't you?  Because this judge is a country star and you don't want to insult him.  You grew up with country, right?

You, because all you want is 3 "yes"es:  Uh, sure

I will consider this further proof of AI's typecasting.  It's become the Real World of Prime Time Network TV.  

Here's the cute little blonde with a bit of a yodel to her voice.  And they haven't found the token country girl yet this season.  

Ms. Minaj was 100% right.

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