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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yo Dawg, I'm Home!

For any of you who have had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans or any other part of Louisiana, it is truly like another country.  A good country, but another one nonetheless. So, it was fun to see the little bits of country they deigned to show us tonight and I was especially happy to see that Cafe Du Monde looks like I remember it from before Katrina.  Best coffee and beignets in the world.  I would go back to New Orleans just to have coffee and beignets there, turn around and come back home if it didn't involve getting on a plane. 

Not too much drama with the judges tonight.  I did notice that whenever Mariah spoke, Nicki rolled her eyes and pouted.  And just google anything connected with Idol and you see links to various interviews of Nicki and Mariah about the *feud*.  Enough already.  I'm going to talk about the extras.

First up was pageant girl, Megan Miller, coming straight from the hospital on crutches to audition despite an infection which she said was not *life threatening* and something about *whats a leg when my whole career is at stake*.  She should probably talk to the extra with the titanium leg who was rejected about how important a leg is before she so cavalierly dismisses a limb and I guess she has never heard of sepsis and Jim Henson, not to mention gangrene.  I thought she was average but she did have a sense of humor with the crutch as microphone trick.  But all's well that ends well and she got her golden ticket to take to surgery with her (but not Keith Urban) and she is now in good health. 

Then we get Charlie Askew.  I must admit I have a special affinity for boys named Charlie.  I don't know if the *Charlie Askew Syndrome* was a real diagnosis or just gave a shy sort of nerdy boy a good story to take into the judges but he was a polite kid with a good voice.  Spoiler alert:  I believe he makes it to the top 40.

Next up is one of the nominees, Maddie, and we get to see her singing at Cafe Du Monde before Randy sweeps her off to glory in Baton Rouge.  Grandma was a hoot with her magic dust and beads.  Keith says she definitely has a style and I think her style is grabbing tricks from everyone she hears and putting it all in one song which made her sound a little...well...disjointed.  The key thing with these judges seems to be *tone* and I'm going to say when she wasn't doing runs and growls and random loud notes she seemed to have a good tone.  Spoiler alert:  I don't think grandma's magic dust gets her into the top 40.

And just when we thought this season was going to be different, we get Paul Jolley...who will be our WGWG (for new readers or those who have forgotten...White Guy With Guitar) this year.  No, he didn't bring a guitar in the audition but I bet he has one (or if he didn't, he went right out and bought one so he could learn to strum a few chords).  I really have a problem with people who think that by becoming a big star they will be *giving something back* by sharing their talent with the world.  No, they are taking fame and money and all that comes with it and having the time of their life doing something they love...that is not giving back that is being talented (some of them) and lucky.    He is the first extra who is getting on my nerves...I do not like him even if his grandfather died.  Mine did too and I'm not telling people I'm giving something back by sharing my talent (or lack thereof) by writing this blog.  I'm doing it purely for my own pleasure and satisfaction and I don't care if anyone likes it or not. Unfortunately, I believe we will be seeing lots and lots and lots of Paul Jolley (*sticks finger down throat to mimic vomiting*). 

Then we have 2 contestants who actually are doing something for humanity.  The physician and the firefighter.  I did not catch their names but maybe you did.  I don't think we will see much of them in the future as they were both just OK.  But they are *giving back*.

Finally, the star of the night, Burnell Taylor who will be pimped and pimped and pimped all the way to the top 3 (you heard it here first) where he will be trounced by a WGWG and some little girl we haven't met yet.  I thought he had a good voice but I don't know if it deserved a standing ovation.  I suppose the Katrina story gave his audition some extra *oomph*.  Cynical me.  I wonder if he was really in Katrina or if he just borrowed some photos from the Katrina victim archives. 

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